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Seville is welcoming its Spring!

After the Holy Week came to its end, the city is finishing its preparations to celebrate the worldwide known Feria de Abril. On their part, our LS students retook their routine and their contact with clases.

During the past three months, CIEE LS students enjoyed great cultural and academic experiences which will help them to grow personally and professionally in the future.


So far, everything has gone smoothly and sweet as the students seemed to adjust well, and they are having a positive and productive semester. Students are happy with their classes´ selections and completed their midterm exams stage. They continue working to prepare for their future final challenges.

Besides, Language and Society continues to offer support with “tutorials” (through the “Centro de Recursos Lingüísticos”) for students who need extra help with the language or content courses.


Among other out-of-class activities, students visited the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla (bullfighting Ring in Seville) and its Museum. Students learnt about history, practice and evolution of the tauromaquia in Spain. Later, as a task, they had to interview some locals in order to know their thoughts about the “Fiesta Nacional”. The results will help them to write an argumentative paper about the national topic. They went to watch the Spanish film Perfectos desconocidos by Alex de la Iglesia. In class they have been talking about cinema, and with this activity students learned more about contemporary Spanish language and culture. The group had a good time, spending time together outside of the classroom, and they had to write a composition on their experience, and an analysis of the fil


In February, students interacted in groups and discussed two different topics: college life in the US versus Spain and some of the world’s most common mysteries. The practiced their oral skills in the target language while exploring cultural differences and sharing personal experiences. 


In March, we carried out the last session of our linguistic and cultural seminar English- Spanish. The session took place at the CIEE Seville Study Center's roof top where our students practiced their target language while enjoying some snacks. They discussed current topics such as machismo and cultural differences in non-verbal communication. They also had the opportunity to discuss social norms in their home countries. The event was bilingual, and the main objectives of this last activity was to continue practicing their target languages outside of the classroom and to reinforce the relationship with the Spanish students that started on the first session of the Workshop back in February. All students reported to have enjoyed the activity and the interaction with Sevillanos in a different, more relaxing environment.


Mid-semester Individual interviews helped them to review their goals for this experience in Spain too, so CIEE could support them individually to guess how they can reach their desired targets. After some time for adaptation, program seems to overcome their expectations. In their personal midterm interviews they admit that they are happy, comfortable and integrated in the program.  

IMGP1709Morocco overnight trip. All our 7 LS students travelled to the North of Africa together with the BS program (69 students altogether). Trip ran smooth and students spent a great time together. Most valued activities like the intercambio afternoon with Moroccan students who practiced language with our students and provided a close perspective of their culture, as well as the craft workshop and the cultural visitThe group visited the small town of Chauen, and the two big cities of Tetuan and Tangier in the North of the country. Among their activities, students visited one local university where they could have a really interesting intercambio with Moroccan students in Tetuan. They discussed about cultural and academic similarities and differences between Morocco and Spain.


Moreover, Ciee LS students had the opportunity to join other Ciee students and some Spaniards to enjoy different local activities such as visits to historical monuments like the Cathedral or the Alcázar, Plaza de España and el Parque de Maria Luisa, Medieval Castles or Italica Ruins, and neighborhoods like Triana, Arenal or the Jewish part of Santa Cruz, historic buildings like the Pilatos House, nearby cities like Aracena, Jerez de la Frontera and its bodegas, Córdoba, Ronda, Carmona and hiking in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla or Sierra de Huelva. They could also visit some museums like Bellas Artes and participate in some thematic workshops like: graffiti, mud and wine, cooking tapas, religions, LGTB, wine, olive oil or craft beer tasting, sevillanas and flamenco, sports like kayak or gymkhana, and finally tours like: convents, Sevilla Low Cost, Opera, bikes tour and Cinema in Sevilla.


More is coming after Feria to guide our students to enjoy and close a successful experience abroad.


Seville International Business and Culture, Issue II, Spring 2018




Spring Greetings from Seville!

Spring has arrived to Seville, the orange blossoms are in full bloom and a few remnants from last week´s Semana Santa holiday can still be found here and there...


NEW! Onsite Internship for Academic Credit

This Spring 2018 semester marked the first semester of the Seville International Business and Culture Program offering semester-long onsite internships for academic credit. Students complete 100 hours of work, in addition to a bi-monthly classroom component.  Students can choose from a variety of fields such as marketing, finance, human resources, biotechnology, health sciences, etc.


Internship fair


Did you know?

The Seville International Business and Culture (IBC) Program offers science courses in English for science majors. Below are just a few of the science course options that have been popular with students:

Fall semester

Anatomy and Physiology, 30 lab hours, 4 credits syllabus

Applied Microbiology, 30 lab hours, 4 credits syllabus

Organic Chemistry I, 40 lab hours, 5 credits syllabus

Biochemistry: Metabolism and its Regulation, 18 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

General Chemistry, 18 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus


Spring semester

Endocrinology and Metabolism, 14 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

Genetics, 18 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

Organic Chemistry II, 40 lab hours, 5 credits syllabus

Sampling Methods in Ecology, 14 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

Pharmacology and Toxicology, 7 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus


Fall and spring semester

Ecological Systems, 5 hours of field work, 3 credits syllabus

The Mediterranean Diet: From Fiction to Facts, 5 hours of lab, 3 credits syllabus


Company visit to Basilippo Olive Oil

In March students visited Basilippo Olive Oil, a small family company located in the outskirts of Sevilla and dedicated to the production of gourmet olive oil.  Students toured the grounds of the company, learning about the production process, from the caretaking of the olives to the extraction of the olive oil.  Students also discussed with the manager the company´s markets, their market strategy, and growth.  The visit ended with a tasting of one of their fruit infused olive oil varieties.

Basilippo collage






Here we are again to share with you some of the highlights of the academic term thus far. The Business and Society program is full of enriching activities such as academic exchange seminars focusing on current issues in business (Global Discussions), company visits, internships with companies and several activities with local students.



Eight “Global Discussions” have been organized thus far, with a participation of 96 local students. This kind of activities have been developed by the CIEE Business and Society staff to help students to meet more Spaniards under a more academic atmosphere.

  • “Youth and culture”
  • "Corporate Social Responsability: ethic or aesthetic?”
  • "Neuromarketing"
  • “Entrepreneurship and financing innovative projects in Spain and US”
  • “United States and Europe: two youths, two realities”
  • “The bitcoin”
  • "Business culture and International business"
  • “Are entrepreneurs born or made?”


As usual, our business professors have been organizing different company visits focused on business in Spain and the European Union. So far, the following company visits have taken place in the CIEE Business and Society program this term:

Caixabank, a financial group, leader within the Spanish market, comprising a banking and insurance business, as well as undertaking investments in international banks and in leading service sector companies.

Marie Curie Techno Incubator, the first start-up accelerator created in Andalusia, offers support and advice to tenants, with total accessibility, proximity and availability for solving and answering companies’ requests

Inés Rosales, leading company in the food industry at both the national and international level. Ines Rosales' products have a big presence in the most important retailers in Spain (El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, and Auchan) and worldwide (WholeFoods market in the US, Kinokuniya in Japan or Globus in Switzerland).

El Cubo, a crowdworking facility where the Spanish telecommunications company, Telefonica-Movistar created a corporate responsibility organization called Andalucía - Open Future. This organization works on accelerating local start-ups by providing them resources from technology to advisers to a location, etc.

Basilippo, an important oil producer, which makes extra virgin olive oil from the Arbequina olive, one of the four most important varieties in Spain.

Extenda, the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia, a company owned by Andalusia's Regional Government, in conjunction with the Andalusian Chambers of Commerce, dedicated to the international promotion of Andalusian products and the expansion of Andalusian business in foreign markets.


At this point of the semester, all the students registered in the Internship Program are working in their companies and enjoying their experience.


The highlight of each semester is unequivocally the weekend excursion to Morocco. During this fieldtrip, students had the opportunity to experience the cultural, religious, social, and economic differences of the developing North African country.

Before travelling, CIEE organized a mandatory session to prepare students for this trip to Africa. During the session students received information about business, economics, culture and safety in Morocco as well as information about the Business School, the company and the cities they to visit.

Foto 9-3-18 17 53 57Foto 9-3-18 17 53 57Foto 9-3-18 17 53 57Foto 9-3-18 17 53 57


Students received the visit of a Moroccan students. In this activity, students could learn about the Moroccan culture as well as meet new friends.

Foto 16-3-18 16 47 04

A visit to our Facebook page will offer you a glimpse into our activities in and out of town.



Above: video of Kashaf Momin interviewed by Annie Quigley and Asa Goldstein on celebrating International Women's Day in Seville

Dear friends,

Our Spring 2018 semester advances and the students of the Communication, New Media and Journalism Spanish program (CNMJ S) have just enjoyed the first of their two one-week breaks of the semester. This period for recharging their batteries will come in handy as they will soon be busy working on their end of semester media projects and assignments.

Meanwhile, they’re fully absorbed by their life in Seville. This newsletter is headed with a video produced by CNMJ S students Annie Quigley (Indiana University-Bloomington) and Asa Goldstein (Elon University), who interviewed her peer Kashaf Moin, student of the Advanced Liberal Arts program from Georgetown University, on celebrating International Women's Day in Seville.

On March 8th the majority of CNMJ S program students participated in the massive demonstration celebrated in Seville, as in all Spanish capitals, to signal IWD demanding equal rights for women and men. Guided by journalist and CIEE profesor Marina Blesa, the students of the courses 'Gender, Identities and the Quest for Equality in Spain', 'Social Justice, Action and Media: Stories that Matter', and 'Spanish Skills in Context: Podcast Reporting', created banners to carry to the demonstration. At CIEE Seville’s Facebook page, you can see the memory of their participation through this brief collection of photos.

Experimenting is a constant activity at the CNMJ S program. Every semester, Spanish photographer and CIEE professor Antonio Pérez Gil collaborates with Rubén Díaz in his course Digital and Visual Culture in Contemporary Spain. On this occasion, the photographer facilitated a workshop on visual cultural memory, manipulation and the power of images, which he titled "Ways of seeing Spain: Photography and Truth". The students worked with an archive of photographs from the Spanish Civil War in Seville, as well as with other images out of context (from other war contexts, from war movies, or even from video games). The two pictures below, featuring Lauren Chin from Brandeis University, give you an idea of what the students experimented. 


In addition to their academic work, many CNMJ S students are making the most out of their experience abroad by either volunteering at local NGOs, teaching English at public and private schools, training with soccer and volley teams, or simply participating in some of the many activities that, organised by CIEE Seville’s Student Life team, allow them to connect with their host community at different levels.

In just a few days, April 6-8, CNMJ S students will go on an academic trip to Northern Morocco, where they will be hosted by the families of Moroccan students in the beautiful town of Chefchaouen, in the heart of the Rif Mountains. Immediately after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, they will visit Tangier, a most fascinating city that represents the current economic growth of Morocco and that enjoyed an international status from 1923 until 1956 (the year of Morocco’s independence). And before heading to t Chefchaouen, where they will spend two full days, they will also visit the historic medina of the city of Tetouan, the forme capital of the Spanish Protectorate.

Last but not least, I'd like to mention that this semester, we’re lucky to have 7 students from the University of Seville participating for-credit the core courses of the CNMJ S program, Digital Video Reporting in Context and Magazine Reporting and Writing, which are as usual hosted at the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla (CICUS), one of the most important cultural hubs of the city. Students of the course Urban Photography Workshop: the City from Within will have their final projects exhibited here. 

For more news about CIEE Seville, you can visit our Facebook page. I would also like to remind you that you can read magazine articles, see video reports and photographic projects, and listen to podcast reports created by CNMJ S students in the program’s website of projects

More news at the conclusion of the semester…

Best regards,

Óscar Ceballos


Advanced Liberal Arts, Spring 2018, Issue I




CIEE SEVILLE ALA students´ semester started with their arrival last Wednesday, January 17. Our students were assisted by local CIEE staff members to get accommodated with their new host families at their new homes, as well as to get familiarized with their neighborhood, CIEE Seville and the main utilities of the city.


Our students completed their two-week Spanish intensive course where they refreshed, practiced and progressed in language, getting prepared to select their final regular classes after individual academic meetings with the resident staff.

Regular classes started Monday, February 5th at CIEE, the previous week at UPO and one day after at University of Seville.Most of our students are attending their regular courses at the University of Seville, a few are taking classes at UPO and just one at EUSA, what means that our students were enrolled at the three main institutions that CIEE is joined to. 

Finally, three of our students also decided to work on independent researches projects that involve them deeply working together with their professors specialist in different areas of their specific interests.

Cultural activities and trips

 ALA students participated in the CIEE immersion course at “La Sierra del Huéznar” where they could interact with Spanish students through multiple sportive and cultural activities enjoying of the great and natural environment surrounding them.



Language and Society, Spring 2018, Issue I

Received_1518974524877256Welcome to Seville!

The semester started with a Spring orientation. During five days students were guided by local guides and their Program Manager, Helena Andrés, to make their transatlantic transition smoother. Informative sessions about health and safety, housing, activities and academics were presented to students together with some cross-cultural activities: goals meetings or visit to the Alcázar de Sevilla.

After orientation LS students took their CIEE 2-week Spanish Intensive Course. This class helped our students to refresh their knowledge about the Spanish language and improve it, so they can also have a referent point to set them up into their later regular language course at their host university, Universidad de Sevilla, and CIEE. Some out of the class activities, like bringing students to El Mercado de la Encarnación, a local food market where they could practice their Spanish while enjoyed part of the culture took place within their course too.

After their intensive course was over, a new orientation was carried out early in the week, this time to present all academic and non-academic information about the US to CIEE LS and other institutions students. Among them: intercambios, sports and volunteering opportunities.


Regular Courses

They started last Monday, February 12. Students revisited the Universidad de Sevilla for a practical tour shown by locals, that explored the most interesting places for our students: classrooms, libraries, restrooms, cafeteria, etc.

As new! Advanced Grammar and Composition I students had the opportunity to meet and interview some Spanish students at Universidad de Sevilla, where they prepared a survey to know more about student´s life in Spain. Later, they had to share their findings in class, and wrote a composition on this, in comparison to US college life. They enjoyed this activity a lot, and realized their lives are not so different....

During the rest of the weeks, and this current last February days they are attending the classes where they were finally registered after their add and drop period regularly at CIEE and US. Their classes are being reinforced by intercambios, tutorials, workshops like the “tandem project” and out-of-class activities and visits carried out together with Spanish students to facilitate their interrelation.



Tandem Project

It started up with 10 Spanish students who joined our linguistic project to participate in our activities, where students interact discussing about different latest and interesting topics. The first session of our Linguistic and Cultural Exchange Seminar was carried out Last Wednesday February 13th. A total of 9 Spanish college students attended the session and were paired with American students in order to practice their oral skills in both English and Spanish. First, students introduced one another and talked about their main areas or interest. Then, we went on to discuss several topics which included stereotypes about both cultures and slang language in English and Spanish. The feedback on the session was an overall positive with the Spanish students as much as with the American students. 

More is coming! Visits to local places, day trips, overnight trip to Morocco, mid-term personal goals review interviews. Etc.

Always ready to learn and enjoy!







NewsletterBannerSeville686x101 LAadvGREETINGS FROM SEVILLA

As time flies, students have been in Sevilla for over a month! Everything started at the middle of January with our orientation, during which students attended several informative sessions, while at the same time exploring the city with tours and a tapas dinner.

After the first orientation-adaptation week, came the time for the first class, the intensive session. This two-week course is the perfect academic first introduction before students immerse themselves fully into their definitive class schedule. The intensive language courses also include out-of-class activities which foster participation and interaction. Now, students are settled with their final schedules which many of them are beginning to combine with volunteer, interest groups, intercambios and cultural activities.


Please, have a look at this Liberal Arts video in order to learn what students say about their experience in Sevilla.

We will give you more news about the spring semester very soon.

Please visit our Facebook to see what is going on this semester in Sevilla.

All the best,

Sergio and Olga




Dear friends,

We’re two weeks into our Spring 2018 semester and the students participating in the first semester of the Communication, New Media and Journalism English CIEE program in Seville (CNMJ E) are fully involved in their new life in Seville. Our pioneers come from the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Virginia, Belmont University, The University of Texas at Austin, Skidmore College and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Following a rather intense orientation week, all students are now fully immersed in their classes at host institution EUSA School of Communications and at the Center for Cultural Initiatives at the University of Seville (CICUS). I would like to thank our two orientation guides, Salud González (above sporting a Universidad de Sevilla t-shirt) and Laura Campos, local students, for having accompanied CNMJ E students during their most exiting yet perhaps most challenging first few days in Seville. 

During the next three months, CNMJ students will be part of multiple social and cultural events and activities in and out of Seville, including a four-day trip to Morocco. It is our hope that their curiosity, fueled by the academic work and projects they will create assisted by their professors, will help them be all the more alert and active about their new surroundings, their host community and culture. Their respective host families will indeed play a crucial part on this.

Please, take the opportunity to visit our website of students' projects, where those participating in the course Digital Video Reporting in Context will publish their projects, má, as well as our Facebook page, where you can see the entire album of photos of which the one at the top of this newsletter is an example.

Helena Andrés, Program Manager and Óscar Ceballos, Academic Director - Institutional Relations & Quality



NewsletterBannerSeville686x101 Advisors 1_CNMJGREETINGS FROM SEVILLA

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Sevilla.

We are four weeks into our Spring 2018 semester. After experiencing the arrival emotions of the arrival, orientation and the two-week intensive session, Communication, New Media and Journalism in Spanish (CNMJ-S) students are fully involved in their life in Sevilla. With their schedules finalized, CNMJ-S students are ready to engage in the community through their classes, extracurricular activities and all that Sevilla has to offer.


We are pleased to present this informative video about the CNMJ-S program. We hope you enjoy it.

We will give you more news about the spring semester very soon.

All the best from Sevilla!

Óscar, Sergio and Olga 





The Business and Society students arrived safely and they seem to be very enthusiastic about the idea of enjoying this experience.


After the three days orientation session, with the informative sessions about academics, housing, safety and activities, students had the chance of visiting the Alcazar, one of the most representative monumental compounds in the city, the country and the Mediterranean culture as a whole. Students enjoyed a flamenco show. All the informative sessions were held at the Business School of the University of Seville.


The students are in the middle of the Spanish for Business Students class, designed to help students prepare for their experiences in their classes by increasing listening and comprehension skills and building vocabulary. The students were divided into 2 groups according their level and skills of Spanish.


A very interesting session was held at the Hotel NH Collection on January 23th by the CIEE Seville Student Services Director, Morgan Reiss.


A total of 11 registered in the Business Internship class. On January 29th, students attended a preparatory session for the internships where the Internship Coordinator provided them with in-depth information about the companies participating in the program and some tips about dress code, greeting, speaking, etc.


On January 30th, the Internship Fair took place. A total of 19 companies and 11 CIEE Business and Society students attended the event organized at Novotel Hotel.


These are the Business classes we are offering this semester: