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Last week, the Liberal Arts program reached its end. Only the six students who are taking direct enrollment courses at Universidad de Sevilla will remain a month longer in our city witnessing the splendour of spring in Sevilla.


The life of our students these past weeks consisted of a combination of holidays (the Semana Santa and Feria de Abril breaks), the final classes, essays and exams. One of the most outstanding  projects is the teaching practicum of the Professional Teaching Development course. Julia Field, a student from Elon University, tells us her experience in this Digital Narrative Project that she made for the Intercultural Communication course.

Apart from classes, students also had time to get closer to the Spanish culture through fun activities such as kayaking the Guadalquivir river, cooking in a homestay, an olive oil and a craft beer tasting.


At the end of April, the six Interest Groups (IGs) had their weekend trip. The IGs Tourism vs. Tourism, Urban Ecology and Flamenco travelled to Cádiz. There, students in the Tourism vs. Tourism IG participated in a photographic project through which they learned how the city transformed itself in the last century by comparing what they were actually seeing with photographs taken at the very same spots at downtown Cádiz in the beginning of the 20th century. Students in the Urban Ecology IG, together with an expert of the local Government, visited a Recylcling Center created by the Cadiz Town Hall. There, students learned more about pollution and recycling. Latly, students of the Flamenco IG visited the Studio Centro Flamenco de la Merced where they participated in a Flamenco dancing workshop.Cadiz

The Interest Groups Contemporary Art, Gastronomy Culture and Urban Music travelled to Málaga. There, students in the Contemporary Art IG visited the Contemporary Art Museum. Students in the Gastronomy Culture IG participated in a paella masterclass conducted by Víctor Mendicuti, a competitor of the third season of the Spanish Masterchef cooking show. Finally, the Urban Music IG students visited the recording studio Music Master where they had the opportunity to do their own recording.Gastro

And that’s all for the Spring 2018 semester. We hope that students left Sevilla with great memories and new perspectives.

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 There will be much more to come…

All the best from Sevilla,

Sergio and Olga 



NewsletterBannerSeville686x101 IMG_0150GREETINGS FROM SEVILLA!

On Saturday, the Feria starts, this date marks the official kickoff for the Spring season in Sevilla. During the entire week, students will witness one of the most important traditional events in our city.


Students took their midterms exams in March and they are about to enjoy our second spring break before their final exams.

One of the strengths of our academic program is the out-of-class component. For instance, in the course COMM3301CSC Intercultural Communication and Leadership, students put in practice some of the concepts studied in class reflecting about one of the most controversial “fiestas” in Spain, bullfighting. Students did previous readings exposing arguments in favor and against bullfighting and completed their study with a visit to the bullring, where they learned the origins and the functioning of this activity. Also, several classes, including Women Writers and Gender, Gender, Identities and the Quest for Equality in Spain, focused some of their out-of-class activities on the celebration of the International Women Day on March 8.



Students have extensively traveled in Andalusia with CIEE. They have already visited Granada, Córdoba and Aracena among other Andalusian cities, thus getting to know our culture through cultural activities and trips.



Starting Spring 2018, we are trying to give IGs a greater focus on the local community. Thus, we are offering six IGs leaded by six of our professors who are specialists in the topics of their groups, which are the following: Ecology and Sustainability, Tourism and Counter-Tourism, Culture and Gastronomy, Urban Music, Flamenco and Contemporary Art. The Interest Groups, which according to students are one of the main elements that connect them to the Spanish culture, have organized very interesting activities. For instance, the Ecology and Sustainability IG organized a visit to Santa Cleta, a cooperative store focused on bikes. They learned about sustainable transport and did a bike tour.  3Students on the Contemporary Art IG participated in a stencil workshop at the Montana Colors store. Students had a good time designing the stencils and practising with sprays.  

Students in the Tourism and Counter-Tourism IG visited the wine shop “Flor de Sal”, where a sommelier gave an introduction about wine mass production and its consequences, such as the closing of small wine producers and winemakers. Afterwards, students tasted some wines from small craft productions from several Spanish towns.


Please, follow the experiences of your students in Sevilla in our Facebook page and in our blog There will be much to come…

All the best from Sevilla,

Sergio and Olga



NewsletterBannerSeville686x101 LAadvGREETINGS FROM SEVILLA

As time flies, students have been in Sevilla for over a month! Everything started at the middle of January with our orientation, during which students attended several informative sessions, while at the same time exploring the city with tours and a tapas dinner.

After the first orientation-adaptation week, came the time for the first class, the intensive session. This two-week course is the perfect academic first introduction before students immerse themselves fully into their definitive class schedule. The intensive language courses also include out-of-class activities which foster participation and interaction. Now, students are settled with their final schedules which many of them are beginning to combine with volunteer, interest groups, intercambios and cultural activities.


Please, have a look at this Liberal Arts video in order to learn what students say about their experience in Sevilla.

We will give you more news about the spring semester very soon.

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All the best,

Sergio and Olga






Last week, final exams marked the end of fall 2017 semester for Liberal Arts students. From different perspectives, this has been an intense semester:


Students enjoyed an interesting academic semester with classes that included solid out-of-class component that illustrated and complemented what was discussed in class. For instance, students of the Social Justice, Action and Media: Stories that Matter course participated in a discussion and visit to the NGO Historias de Luz, which aims at giving voice to those who most need to be heard. Also, the students of the Economic Development class visited a local business to discuss how the increase of tourism in our cities is changing our routine, skyline and even our society.

Economic development and Globalization


Liberal Arts students had the option to volunteer as an extra activity or for credit. For instance, we collaborated for the first time with San Juan de Dios assistant living for elderly residence. There, students worked in occupational therapy and doing psychological support at the memory unit. Liberal Arts students also collaborated in different NGOs devoted to after-school tutoring with children at-risk for social exclusion, such as Rompe tus cadenas.



Last November, all Interest Groups (IGs) had their weekend trip. The Iberian Gastronomy and the Cultural Expressions IGs travelled to Lisbon (Portugal) and Spanish Traditions and Sports and Nature to Madrid.

Among other activities, the Cultural Expressions IG visited the MAAT (Museum of Design, Art and Architecture) and the Oceanario. The highlight of the Iberian Gastronomy trip was a Portuguese masterchef class, where students learned to cook, among other dishes, the typical Bacalao a bras.


The Sports and Nature IG visited in Madrid the Real Madrid Stadium and the Spanish Traditions IG students participated in a “Chotis” dance workshop. 

We hope that you had a great fall semester and that the winter holidays help you recharge batteries!

All the best from Sevilla,

Sergio and Olga








We almost reached the middle of the semester at the same time that the Autumn season started in Sevilla. At this point of the semester, students are completely settled.


Students have been very busy lately with their classes and midterm exams, which they took last week of October.

Among the diverse range of out-of-class activities in which students are participating, there have been some novelties. For instance, some of the students in the Anthropolgy of Sport in Spain course, volunteered for the 1st Sevilla International Master Regata. Together with a group of thirty Spanish university students, CIEE participants helped welcoming athletes, assisting at the pier and collaborating at the prize ceremony.

 Grupo 4


Also, Academic Writing and Critical Thinking students had the privilege to attend the Festival de Cine Europeo in Seville. They witnessed how Kiti Mánver, a very well known Spanish actress, received an award for her acting career. Later on, students watched the premiere of the film: "Las heridas del viento" where Kiti Mánver stars. All of this happened in the Teatro Lope de Vega one of the most famous theaters in Sevilla.



Since mid-September, students have been taking part in the activities and events organized by the Interest Groups. For example, students in the Iberian Gastronomy participated in a wine tasting in order to learn about the differences between Iberian wines while students in  the Cultural Expressions IG participated in a Ceramics and Pottery workshop at the studio of a local artist, where they made their own clay piece and used the pottery wheel.



We hope that you are having a great fall semester.

All the best from Sevilla,






It has already been a month since Liberal Arts participants arrived in Sevilla ready to spend their fall semester in our city.


The first week following the arrival of students is devoted to introduce them to the logistics of the program and the city itself. The onsite orientation is a combination of sessions on housing, health and safety and academics (among others) and tours that include hints that help students to start learning how to navigate the city.

  WhatsApp Image 2017-09-07 at 21.55.00


At this time of the semester, students are completely settled. The course they took during the first two weeks of the program (the intensive session) served as their first academic connection with the program.

Now, students have a full class schedule for the semester which many of them are beginning to combine with volunteer, interest groups, intercambios and cultural activities.


During this first month, students had the opportunity of participating in a wide array of cultural activities ranging from cultural tours such as a visit to the Cathedral and the Alcazar, to more interactive events such as cooking tapas and grafitti workshops.


Liberal Arts participants were also offered trips to Córdoba, Carmona and other nearby towns. They also travelled to Granada, where they spent a weekend enjoying, the Alhambra and the Albayzin quarter, declared World Heritage site by UNESCO.   


We hope that you had a great semester start.

Please visit our Facebook to see what is going on this semester in Sevilla!

All the best,

Sergio and Olga




Next Sunday, with the start of Semana Santa, the first of our two weeks of Spring break, the Spring season in officially inaugurated in Sevilla.

Post 1


Academically, students deserve a break after the great effort they invested in the midterms and before the stress of finals arrive at the end of April.

So, now, they are enjoying their classes and especially, the out-of-class component. For instance, the The Art History class, Andalusia, the land of Artistic Geniuses, visited La Iglesia Colegial del Divino Salvador, the second largest church in the city, where students could admire firsthand the works of the Baroque sculptors Juan Martínez Montañés and his disciple Juan de Mesa, whom they previously had studied in class. Students analyzed two of their works: Cristo del Amor and El Nazareno de Pasión. Students also learnt about the relationship between the sculptures and one of most famous celebrations in Seville, Semana Santa.

 Also, in the Intercultural Communication and Leadership course among other activities, students visited the oldest and newest markets in Seville to compare them with other forms of markets in the US more familiar with students. During the visit, each student had to find a product which they did not know and ask the vendor about it. After the visit, students reflected on several cultural differences: traditions in ways of buying, the importance of communication with vendors, the concept of time while purchasing a product, why fresh meat and fish are shown in their entire form, how products are presented, etc. Students also tried the typical chicharrones.


Apart from the 13% of program participants that are regularly volunteering as Cultural Assistants at local schools, starting fall 2016, Liberal Arts students may choose to register in the CIEE course Professional Teaching Development, a class that includes a practicum teaching English as a Foreign Language. Students in this course, also learn about the Spanish educative system.  This topic is illustrated through visits to two local schools that represent the opposites in the spectrum of education options in Spain. On one hand, they visited the San José SSCC school, in Los Remedios, an upper-middle class neighborhood and on the other hand, they visited the IES Torreblanca, located in a neighborhood where many families at risk for social inclusion live. So, students observe two different realities and their educational challenges and approaches. In both schools, students did a tour of the building, attended classes, where they could also interact with students, and met professors who explained the characteristics of their work.

Apart from academics, students had also the opportunity to participate in social and cultural activities with their Interest Groups such as kayak, paddle, a bike tour by the river, a cooking lesson with products originally American, a trip to Gibraltar, a wine tasting and much more!

We hope that you enjoy a great Spring break.

Please visit our Facebook to see what is going on this semester in Sevilla!

All the best,

Jorge, Sergio and Olga




Time flies! It has been already a month since Liberal Arts participants arrived in Sevilla …

Collage LA 1


During their first week in Sevilla, students started to get used to the Spanish time, meals and language.

Throughout orientation, in addition to attending to informative sessions on health and security, academics, etc., students participated in several extra-curricular activities such as tapas dinners, a bike tour and a Flamenco workshop. This way, students experienced first-hand some Spanish cultural elements.

Collage LA 2


All spring participants ended their intensive session satisfactorily. This two-week course helped students to brush up their Spanish and get linguistically ready for the content classes for the rest of the semester.

Now, that students are settled in their regular session classes and have their definitive class schedule, they are starting to participate in other activities in the community such as volunteering and practicing sports.


Collage LA 3

At this point of the semester, apart from other cultural activities and trips organized by the Student Services Department, Liberal Arts participants spent an overnight in Granada, where they visited the Alhambra, the Albayzin neighborhood and the Royal Chapel, where Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand are buried.

Many students have also spent a day in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, where apart from learning about the city history and art, students visited a vineyard, Bodegas González Byass, where they got a grasp of the entire process of the wine production: from the grapes to the bottle.

We hope that you are having a great semester so far.

Please visit our Facebook to see what is going on this semester in Sevilla!

All the best,

Jorge, Sergio and Olga



Last night, staff, professors and students gathered in a farewell party. Students were very animated with mixed feelings of happiness for the prospect of seeing their families again after four months and at the same time, sadness for saying goodbye to their new hometown, Sevilla.

Collage 1

After the trips of the Interest Groups to Morocco, Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona, these last weeks have been very special. on one hand, many students took advantage of the local festivities to explore around Europe. On the other hand, it has been the perfect timing to enjoy Sevilla with its many decorated streets, the nativity scenes exhibitions and other activities around Christmas. An all this while studying for the finals!

Collage 2

We hope that students bring back home unforgettable memories and enriching experiences with them.

Please, visit our Facebook to see what your students were involved in this semester.

We wish you the best for you Winter vacation with your beloved ones and a happy 2017!

All the best from Sevilla,

Jorge, Sergio and Olga


A Page Out of a Fairy Tale 

Once upon a time, amidst the rolling hills and vast valleys of the countryside, stood a castle perched on the highest point that the eye could see. Surrounding the castle stretched endless acres of pasture dotted with a mix of white little houses and white not-so-little sheep, filling the atmosphere with a chorus of jingling bells & “baas” as they waited to be shaved.

This fairy tale is being lived out today, in real life: in Aracena, Andalucía.


Weeks ago, I had blindly signed up for a day trip to Aracena, not knowing exactly what I was in for. I wanted to take advantage of all the excursions offered by my study abroad program -- despite the early 9AM Saturday morning rendezvous. With the combination of clear skies and warm weather complementing the city’s natural and architectural beauty, Aracena truly blew us away.

What’s special about Aracena is its beauty both above ground and below. Upon arriving, we began our climb of one hundred meters to reach the highest point of the city where the centuries old castle stood. The hilly terrain was prime natural protection against invaders, therefore the castle was more symbolic versus active during its time. From such a high point, the eye was treated to a breathtaking vista of greenery dotted with picturesque clusters of white pueblos.  


Once arriving back to city center, we began our descent down one hundred meters underneath the streets of Aracena. The rocky limestone terrain is highly susceptible to the forces of erosion, leaving a labyrinth of underground caves covering 1200 square kilometers. Our jaws remain dropped as we continued through each section of the caves, in awe of the complicated structures produced by simple a combination of water and sediment. The prohibition of photography enhanced our senses of observation, shifting our focus on taking in the artwork of stalagmites and stalactites through our natural lenses.


Taking a trip to Aracena was like walking into the pages of a fairy tale. It was a journey that left my quads and glutes whining, but more importantly left my mind and heart overwhelmed with contentment from such a magical experience.