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One more year our Spring Semester came to its end. Language and Society classes at CIEE and the University of Seville finished last May 10th. All our students finished their exams and papers, allowing most of them to leave Seville at the beginning of May, and some others throughout the month, since these last decided to travel once more before leaving Europe. The end of the course was celebrated with a farewell ship cruise along the Guadalquivir River where our CIEE students enjoyed a wonderful landscape accompanied by some friends and other local staff members. This last part of the semester continued to contribute to our students´ development flanked by some other cultural and enriching activities, and distinguished by personal and cultural growth, as well as filled with academic successes. IMG_4485 IMG_4485 IMG_4485 In the next months, we will continue to work with the preregistration of our future students for next Fall Semester 2018. We are very grateful to LS students for their presence in our program. It has been a real pleasure to work with them due to their varied contributions. Our best wishes for all their future projects, CIEE LS Program



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Seville is welcoming its Spring!

After the Holy Week came to its end, the city is finishing its preparations to celebrate the worldwide known Feria de Abril. On their part, our LS students retook their routine and their contact with clases.

During the past three months, CIEE LS students enjoyed great cultural and academic experiences which will help them to grow personally and professionally in the future.


So far, everything has gone smoothly and sweet as the students seemed to adjust well, and they are having a positive and productive semester. Students are happy with their classes´ selections and completed their midterm exams stage. They continue working to prepare for their future final challenges.

Besides, Language and Society continues to offer support with “tutorials” (through the “Centro de Recursos Lingüísticos”) for students who need extra help with the language or content courses.


Among other out-of-class activities, students visited the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla (bullfighting Ring in Seville) and its Museum. Students learnt about history, practice and evolution of the tauromaquia in Spain. Later, as a task, they had to interview some locals in order to know their thoughts about the “Fiesta Nacional”. The results will help them to write an argumentative paper about the national topic. They went to watch the Spanish film Perfectos desconocidos by Alex de la Iglesia. In class they have been talking about cinema, and with this activity students learned more about contemporary Spanish language and culture. The group had a good time, spending time together outside of the classroom, and they had to write a composition on their experience, and an analysis of the fil


In February, students interacted in groups and discussed two different topics: college life in the US versus Spain and some of the world’s most common mysteries. The practiced their oral skills in the target language while exploring cultural differences and sharing personal experiences. 


In March, we carried out the last session of our linguistic and cultural seminar English- Spanish. The session took place at the CIEE Seville Study Center's roof top where our students practiced their target language while enjoying some snacks. They discussed current topics such as machismo and cultural differences in non-verbal communication. They also had the opportunity to discuss social norms in their home countries. The event was bilingual, and the main objectives of this last activity was to continue practicing their target languages outside of the classroom and to reinforce the relationship with the Spanish students that started on the first session of the Workshop back in February. All students reported to have enjoyed the activity and the interaction with Sevillanos in a different, more relaxing environment.


Mid-semester Individual interviews helped them to review their goals for this experience in Spain too, so CIEE could support them individually to guess how they can reach their desired targets. After some time for adaptation, program seems to overcome their expectations. In their personal midterm interviews they admit that they are happy, comfortable and integrated in the program.  

IMGP1709Morocco overnight trip. All our 7 LS students travelled to the North of Africa together with the BS program (69 students altogether). Trip ran smooth and students spent a great time together. Most valued activities like the intercambio afternoon with Moroccan students who practiced language with our students and provided a close perspective of their culture, as well as the craft workshop and the cultural visitThe group visited the small town of Chauen, and the two big cities of Tetuan and Tangier in the North of the country. Among their activities, students visited one local university where they could have a really interesting intercambio with Moroccan students in Tetuan. They discussed about cultural and academic similarities and differences between Morocco and Spain.


Moreover, Ciee LS students had the opportunity to join other Ciee students and some Spaniards to enjoy different local activities such as visits to historical monuments like the Cathedral or the Alcázar, Plaza de España and el Parque de Maria Luisa, Medieval Castles or Italica Ruins, and neighborhoods like Triana, Arenal or the Jewish part of Santa Cruz, historic buildings like the Pilatos House, nearby cities like Aracena, Jerez de la Frontera and its bodegas, Córdoba, Ronda, Carmona and hiking in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla or Sierra de Huelva. They could also visit some museums like Bellas Artes and participate in some thematic workshops like: graffiti, mud and wine, cooking tapas, religions, LGTB, wine, olive oil or craft beer tasting, sevillanas and flamenco, sports like kayak or gymkhana, and finally tours like: convents, Sevilla Low Cost, Opera, bikes tour and Cinema in Sevilla.


More is coming after Feria to guide our students to enjoy and close a successful experience abroad.


Language and Society, Spring 2018, Issue I

Received_1518974524877256Welcome to Seville!

The semester started with a Spring orientation. During five days students were guided by local guides and their Program Manager, Helena Andrés, to make their transatlantic transition smoother. Informative sessions about health and safety, housing, activities and academics were presented to students together with some cross-cultural activities: goals meetings or visit to the Alcázar de Sevilla.

After orientation LS students took their CIEE 2-week Spanish Intensive Course. This class helped our students to refresh their knowledge about the Spanish language and improve it, so they can also have a referent point to set them up into their later regular language course at their host university, Universidad de Sevilla, and CIEE. Some out of the class activities, like bringing students to El Mercado de la Encarnación, a local food market where they could practice their Spanish while enjoyed part of the culture took place within their course too.

After their intensive course was over, a new orientation was carried out early in the week, this time to present all academic and non-academic information about the US to CIEE LS and other institutions students. Among them: intercambios, sports and volunteering opportunities.


Regular Courses

They started last Monday, February 12. Students revisited the Universidad de Sevilla for a practical tour shown by locals, that explored the most interesting places for our students: classrooms, libraries, restrooms, cafeteria, etc.

As new! Advanced Grammar and Composition I students had the opportunity to meet and interview some Spanish students at Universidad de Sevilla, where they prepared a survey to know more about student´s life in Spain. Later, they had to share their findings in class, and wrote a composition on this, in comparison to US college life. They enjoyed this activity a lot, and realized their lives are not so different....

During the rest of the weeks, and this current last February days they are attending the classes where they were finally registered after their add and drop period regularly at CIEE and US. Their classes are being reinforced by intercambios, tutorials, workshops like the “tandem project” and out-of-class activities and visits carried out together with Spanish students to facilitate their interrelation.



Tandem Project

It started up with 10 Spanish students who joined our linguistic project to participate in our activities, where students interact discussing about different latest and interesting topics. The first session of our Linguistic and Cultural Exchange Seminar was carried out Last Wednesday February 13th. A total of 9 Spanish college students attended the session and were paired with American students in order to practice their oral skills in both English and Spanish. First, students introduced one another and talked about their main areas or interest. Then, we went on to discuss several topics which included stereotypes about both cultures and slang language in English and Spanish. The feedback on the session was an overall positive with the Spanish students as much as with the American students. 

More is coming! Visits to local places, day trips, overnight trip to Morocco, mid-term personal goals review interviews. Etc.

Always ready to learn and enjoy!







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This was a truly exceptional semester for the Advanced Liberal Arts program, full of challenging coursework, the orientation, the Spanish language immersion weekend, the nerve-wracking selection process and the first days at the University of Seville, the first exams, the excursions offered through the Cultural Reimbursement Program, the activities and visits, the cultural integration, language workshops, tutors of contents, etc.

Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 2 Photo 6 Photo 7

We’d like to thank you for your continued support of the CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts program in Seville.

You can find much more information about our semester –including many images of it– at our Facebook page. We’ll be back with more news in late January, at the start of the Spring 2018 semester. In the meantime, have a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

If you have any questions or feedback on the program, please do not hesitate to contact the CIEE Staff. 

Warm regards from Seville!






Time flies and our CIEE LS students start closing stages in Spain. The semester is running smoothly and full of experiences that they will share with friends and relatives in the future. It is really satisfactory to support students and see how they grow and learn by leaps and bounds. Their academic, language and cultural learnings are contributing to their development as citizens in a nowadays global society.


According to the personal midterm interviews that they shared with their director in Seville, they admit that the beginnings were hard, but adaptation came and their expectations were finally even overcome after their first week at the university, where they opened their regular course.     

In academics, students are moving forward improving their Spanish and learning about cultural and historic items. Out-of-class activities strengthen their knowledge: they interviewed some Spanish students, went to an exhibition at Casa de la Provincia and visited the bullfighting ring among many other tasks. However, the most successful achievement was their interaction with locals, what they reached and maintain thanks to the tandem project: a five sessions plan of intercambio where students are encouraged to talk about current topics. Spaniards and Americans are still in touch supporting each other with language and cultural immersion.


Program trips included Southern cities like Córdoba and Cádiz, and an overnight adventure in Morocco. Daytrips to local towns like Carmona, Ronda or Aracena were part of the offer that they received too. Travelling through CIEE widens their perspective and push them to continue exploring the world. 

We cannot wait for next stages and welcome the Semana Santa and the Feria, main and really popular and GREAT local festivities well known of Seville.






The spring semester 2017 of the CIEE Language and Society program took off two weeks ago with a really useful orientation to guide our students in their abroad experience. After arrivals, students were assisted by local CIEE staff members to get accommodated with their new host families at their new homes, as well as to get familiarized with their neighborhood, the CIEE study Center and the main utilities of the city. Topics like health and safety or academic affairs were dealt in different sessions during those days. Then, the weekend came, and with it the opportunity to explore the city and its culture a bit deeper in an autonomous way. The orientation concluded with a visit to the Alcazar of Seville.   


After the orientation, the academic course opened last week with the intensive Spanish course attendance during two weeks. Students enjoy some experimental learnings in their out-of-class activities like going to the cinema to watch Contratiempo, at the same time that they work in new linguistic tasks. This Friday, February 3rd, a final exam will close the intensive course of Spanish and will give room to their regular classes which will be confirmed after a first selection in their final registrations and after the add-drop period.


Finally, CIEE invited their students to reflect about their expectations and challenges for their semester abroad: how they can prevent or overcome potential or possible obstacles, how they can reach their aims and the support they might need. We are sure that they will achieve most of their dreams and we are here to lead them and walk together in their adventure.  





It's sad thinking that this wonderful semester came to an end. Our students and teachers said goodbye to one more new chapter in their lives. Most CIEE Seville Fall 2016 students packed and went back home last week. Some others preferred taking advantage of their very last minute of their stay in Europe and travelling abroad one more time. But all of them carrying good memories and learnings of an amazing experience with them.


The program came with the end of the Summer, followed by Fall, which brought many diverse cultural and academic activities, projects, workshops, meetings, trips, visits and practices that helped their participants to grow personally and culturally. Students learnt and developed their skills in class, improved their Spanish and had a great time making new friends at the other side of the Ocean.


The program closed with a farewell dinner where students, teachers, staff members and other Spanish native speakers that they met throughout their stay in Spain had the opportunity to say goodbye and to share some final pleasant flashes with. Secret Santa allowed to conclude with a little gift that they will always bring with them. Experiences like this move the world!



A Page Out of a Fairy Tale 

Once upon a time, amidst the rolling hills and vast valleys of the countryside, stood a castle perched on the highest point that the eye could see. Surrounding the castle stretched endless acres of pasture dotted with a mix of white little houses and white not-so-little sheep, filling the atmosphere with a chorus of jingling bells & “baas” as they waited to be shaved.

This fairy tale is being lived out today, in real life: in Aracena, Andalucía.


Weeks ago, I had blindly signed up for a day trip to Aracena, not knowing exactly what I was in for. I wanted to take advantage of all the excursions offered by my study abroad program -- despite the early 9AM Saturday morning rendezvous. With the combination of clear skies and warm weather complementing the city’s natural and architectural beauty, Aracena truly blew us away.

What’s special about Aracena is its beauty both above ground and below. Upon arriving, we began our climb of one hundred meters to reach the highest point of the city where the centuries old castle stood. The hilly terrain was prime natural protection against invaders, therefore the castle was more symbolic versus active during its time. From such a high point, the eye was treated to a breathtaking vista of greenery dotted with picturesque clusters of white pueblos.  


Once arriving back to city center, we began our descent down one hundred meters underneath the streets of Aracena. The rocky limestone terrain is highly susceptible to the forces of erosion, leaving a labyrinth of underground caves covering 1200 square kilometers. Our jaws remain dropped as we continued through each section of the caves, in awe of the complicated structures produced by simple a combination of water and sediment. The prohibition of photography enhanced our senses of observation, shifting our focus on taking in the artwork of stalagmites and stalactites through our natural lenses.


Taking a trip to Aracena was like walking into the pages of a fairy tale. It was a journey that left my quads and glutes whining, but more importantly left my mind and heart overwhelmed with contentment from such a magical experience.  





 Fall finally came and winter will follow to accompany our Language and Society students on their way back home next month!

During these two months, our students have been growing and learning at the same time that they had a lot of fun immerging in the Spanish and Sevillian cultures.  


Regular Session started Monday, 26st September. Students are attending their CIEE language classes in the mornings and the rest of the time on campus at the Universidad de Sevilla. So far, everything has gone smoothly as the students seemed to adjust well, and they are having a positive and productive semester. Students are happy with their classes´ selections and completed their midterm exams stage. They continue working to prepare for their future final challenges.

Taller de cocina

Out-of-class activities. Spanish Culture and Civilization class. October 10 - HISP 3101 visited the Parque María Luisa, inaugurated in the early 1900s and setting of the 1929 Iberian American Fair. The centennial park boasts vegetation from all the continents, in addition to a good selection of Historicist Architecture from the early 20th century. October 19 - HISP 3101 visited the Archeological Museum of Seville, focusing on the wonderful Roman collection, one of the best in Spain: famous statues of Mercury, Venus and Diana, of emperors Trajan and Hadrian, in addition to mosaics, inscriptions and other notable items from Ancient and Medieval history. October 28 - Together with Liberal Arts students, HISP 3101 will visit the town of Rota, which hosts a joint US-Spain naval station. Students will meet with US and Spanish Navy personnel, to explore the history of the base, the present role and the nature of US-Spain cooperation. Additionally, students will visit the Town Hall of Rota, to get the view of the civilian population. On October 17, students of grammar had to interview some people on the street to do a survey about the main social and political concerns for Spaniards today. The experience was highly motivating for them because they were able to meet different people, and learn more about real Spain, outside of their everyday lives. Later, they wrote a composition on the experience, and contrasted what they learned, with their own perception. Their findings were very interesting, and had an excellent critical eye. Gastronomy class. Thursday sept 29th. Visit to the Antiquarium de Sevilla. Tuesday Oct. 4th: Olive oil tasting (in class). Thursday Oct. 20th: Visit to various Convents in Seville (traditional cakes and sweets tasting).



Ciee Language and Society students had the opportunity to join other Ciee students and some Spaniards to enjoy different local activities such as: visits to historical monuments like the Cathedral or the Alcázar, Hospital de la Caridad, Plaza de España or Italica Ruins, and neighborhoods like Triana, Arenal or the Jewish part of Santa Cruz, historic buildings, Lebrija Palace or Pilatos House, nearby cities like Cádiz, Aracena, or Carmona. They could also visit some museums like Bellas Artes, Arts and Customs or the Archeologic one in Seville. Ciee also offered some thematic tours like the graffiti, convents, flamenco and Opera tours. 

Trips included two exclusive for the program. Cádiz Daytrip. CIEE LS students travelled to Cádiz last Saturday, September 24 to conclude their intensive course and practice their Spanish while visiting the city. Students visited the most important monuments and spaces there and had the opportunity to get to know each other better and interact with some other local Spanish youth. They all participated in a friendly competition to see who could accumulate the most “hablo español” badges as reminder of their commitment to speak only in Spanish!


And an overnight trip, where students travelled to Morocco visiting the two small towns of Asilah and Chauen, and the two big cities of Tetuan and Tangier in the North of the country. Among their activities students visited the Instituto Cervantes where they could have a really interesting intercambio with Moroccan students who studied Spanish in Tetuan. They discussed about cultural and academic similarities and differences between Morocco and Spain. 


Within their projects, the Embedded Intercultural Component whose sessions are helping students to reflect about culture and their position and role in it. And the Tandem Project developed in 3 sessions and a final daytrip! This Saturday the group will enjoy the last out of the four activities connected to the Language/Cultural Workshop with the group of students from Universidad de Sevilla. Our students will visit Aracena and the National Park around the area, and this trip will give them the opportunity to practice the target language outside of the classroom in a more informal setting.

The activity has two parts: First, walk up the 12th century castle, and some time to enjoy the downtown area (City Hall, and different churches). Then, second, around 2.30 the bus will go up to the mountains of Aroche National Park, and have a picnic at one of its magnificent view points. Students will enjoy their free time here, and explore nature.

The visit is bilingual, and the main objectives of this last activity will be to continue practicing their target languages outside of the classroom, at a beautiful setting, and to reinforce the relationship with the Spanish students that started on the first session of the Workshop back in October.





CABECERA IMG-20160909-WA0002


CIEE LS students landed in Seville just a couple of weeks ago! Their adventure started last September 7, when most of them came in a large group together to attend their orientation which helped them to learn about culture and to better adapt to their new environment, family, schedules, meals, friends, etc.



During their orientation, students settled into their new homes, spent time with their Spanish families and attended informative sessions and cultural activities. In their first day they participated into an afternoon coffee and a “meet and greet” in small groups with their orientation local guides. Then, they enjoyed the tours guided by some local students and visited some interesting cultural historic monuments exploring the city. They also were a couple of hours getting to know the neighborhood where they would be living while received information about: public transport, gyms, post offices, etc. and checked out the tapas.


CIEE students were interviewed by their Intensive Spanish Language Course teachers and had also the opportunity to attend organized optional orientations meetings regarding “Volunteering”, “GLBTQ Student Experience”, “Religions Student Experience”, or “Intercambios Meeting”. These meetings also provided them with great reasons to talk and discuss about their interests in Spanish learning how they are developed in a country abroad.  INTENSIVE SPANISH COURSE

Last September 12, students began their two week intensive immersion Spanish Course held in the Seville CIEE Study Center, and just finished today.  Although students find it intense (with three hours of class and activities per day), students´ Spanish improved significantly in this short period of time. It´s really gratifying to see how the students grow and to be aware of how this will allow them to be able to face the regular semester courses and cultural challenges with more confidence.

Some of their out-of-class activities included a visit to the Sevillian Museo de Bellas Artes where they became familiar with Spanish art and painting, or "Survival Spanish" to learn how to order and interact with natives in Sevillian restaurants and bars.



Next week the students will start their Regular Session attending classes at CIEE Study Center and the University of Seville where they will explore their classrooms, libraries, restrooms, cafeteria, etc. Regarding their classes, they will be reinforced by tutorials, workshops like the “tandem project” and out-of-class activities, and visits carried out together with Spanish students to facilitate their interaction.

Fall will visit us soon and with it, visits to local towns like Aracena, a daytrip to Cádiz and an overnight to Morocco, that will offer them the opportunity to go closer to new cultures and live what we hope will be once upon a live experience for them. A review of study abroad goals, individual interviews, etc. all with the aim of facilitating a personally enriching study abroad experience and create effective global citizens.

CIEE continues working to help our students reaching their goals and their dreams.