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Seville IBC Program Closure

The Spring18 semester ended a few weeks ago on May 25th…below are a few of the highlights as we headed into semester´s end

Cultural Immersion to Morocco

During the overnight to Northern Morocco students were not just visitors to the country but rather participated in the daily lives of locals via informal interactions with peers, by living with a Moroccan family and by partaking in aspects of the local culture. As result of the immersion experience, students left with heightened awareness of their U.S. American privilege and status, as well as more accurate information of Islam, the political and educational structures in Morocco, day-to-day living, etc.

Photo Asilah
Photo Asilah

Spanish Culture Up Close

Several students participated in volunteer teaching this semester, either with CIEE or in collaboration with the University Pablo de Olavide; students volunteered 1-2 hours per week at a local elementary or high school.


Semester Farewell

Students got away from final exam studies for an IBC farewell merienda---students shared stories from their semester and reflected on how they will incorporate their semester growth upon their return home.


Seville International Business and Culture, Issue II, Spring 2018




Spring Greetings from Seville!

Spring has arrived to Seville, the orange blossoms are in full bloom and a few remnants from last week´s Semana Santa holiday can still be found here and there...


NEW! Onsite Internship for Academic Credit

This Spring 2018 semester marked the first semester of the Seville International Business and Culture Program offering semester-long onsite internships for academic credit. Students complete 100 hours of work, in addition to a bi-monthly classroom component.  Students can choose from a variety of fields such as marketing, finance, human resources, biotechnology, health sciences, etc.


Internship fair


Did you know?

The Seville International Business and Culture (IBC) Program offers science courses in English for science majors. Below are just a few of the science course options that have been popular with students:

Fall semester

Anatomy and Physiology, 30 lab hours, 4 credits syllabus

Applied Microbiology, 30 lab hours, 4 credits syllabus

Organic Chemistry I, 40 lab hours, 5 credits syllabus

Biochemistry: Metabolism and its Regulation, 18 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

General Chemistry, 18 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus


Spring semester

Endocrinology and Metabolism, 14 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

Genetics, 18 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

Organic Chemistry II, 40 lab hours, 5 credits syllabus

Sampling Methods in Ecology, 14 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

Pharmacology and Toxicology, 7 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus


Fall and spring semester

Ecological Systems, 5 hours of field work, 3 credits syllabus

The Mediterranean Diet: From Fiction to Facts, 5 hours of lab, 3 credits syllabus


Company visit to Basilippo Olive Oil

In March students visited Basilippo Olive Oil, a small family company located in the outskirts of Sevilla and dedicated to the production of gourmet olive oil.  Students toured the grounds of the company, learning about the production process, from the caretaking of the olives to the extraction of the olive oil.  Students also discussed with the manager the company´s markets, their market strategy, and growth.  The visit ended with a tasting of one of their fruit infused olive oil varieties.

Basilippo collage




NewsletterBannerSeville686x101 Collage

¡Bienvenidos a Sevilla!

Seville Arrival

The Spring18 students arrived to Seville a few days after Los Reyes holiday…jetlagged but excited to begin their semester study abroad. Students began the semester with an onsite orientation of the city, discussions on how to keep themselves safe and healthy during their semester, expectations for their homestay, how to navigate the Spanish academic system, amongst others.
Students jumped right into their 2-week Spanish Intensive Grammar course following the onsite orientation. One of the goals of the CIEE Spanish Intensive Session to get them out into their community, interacting with their surroundings and with locals (photos at the top of the page).

CIEE Seville IBC Program...learn more!


CIEE Seville || International Business & Culture from CIEE SEVILLE on Vimeo.


International Business and Culture, Fall 2017, Newsletter III


Sunset Asilah

End of Semester Greetings from the Seville IBC Program!

Getting Outdoors

Students got out of the city to explore one of the region´s off-the-beaten path areas: the Sierra de Huelva and Picos de Aroche.  IBC and other Seville CIEE students went on a guided 8-mile hike exploring the region´s flora and fauna.

Senderismo 1

Senderismo 3
Senderismo 2


Overnight Immersion Experience in Northern Morocco

Students engaged in conversations with Moroccan peers and discussed poignant issues affecting both the U.S. and Moroccan students…stereotypes that (some) individuals or groups hold of Muslims, thoughts on the U.S. government leadership, dating norms in their respective countries, parental involvement in decision making, etc. This cultural immersion experience continues to be one of the top-rated semester experiences of students.

Morocco camels

Lunch mountains

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

 A couple of students from the Intercultural Communication and Leadership class participated in a photography workshop for their end of semester Digital Story project.  Professional photographer Antonio Pérez worked with students to help them discover how to use non-traditional photos in their projects to show their story rather than rely solely on the narrative.

Gabe next to white board_reduced

Lindsey viewing photo_reduced

  Map showing_reduced







Group photo_Basilippo


IBC Visit to Basilippo

IBC students made a visit to one of the most well-known gourmet olive oil companies in Andalucía, Basilippo. During the visit, students toured the grounds of Basilippo, learned about the cultivation process, the importance of “speaking to the trees”, the difference between virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, as well as heard from exportation and marketing managers. The visit ended with an olive-oil tasting.
Basilippo photo collage

IBC Socio-Cultural Activities

Several cultural immersion activities have been organized this semester, with the objective of facilitating greater interaction between students and locals. CIEE sponsored several students in one of Seville´s most well-known city runs La Nocturna de Sevilla. Students were also provided tickets to attend a soccer match of one of Seville´s local team, Betis, against Levante (Valencia´s team)…approximately 50 IBC students attended the match!
Socio cultural activies_collage

University Pablo de Olavide Science Courses

Seville´s University Pablo de Olavide offers a number of science courses for semester-long students including Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, Applied Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology II, all of which include a minimum of 30 laboratory hours and follow the curriculum of the University of New England. These courses are open to all students participating in the CIEE Seville International Business and Culture Program and are designed to fit the needs of most science majors and minors. In addition to the above courses, students can fulfill science electives by enrolling in Ecological Systems or Biochemistry. Additionally, science students can direct-enroll in OVER 20 SCIENCE COURSES TAUGHT IN ENGLISH alongside Spanish peers. To see a complete list of science and mathematics course options offered in the Seville IBC Program click here.
Core science_collage


International Business and Culture Program, Fall 2017, Issue I



¡Bienvenidos a Sevilla!

The Seville International Business and Culture students have had a productive first few weeks!   Upon arrival, students participated in key orientation sessions in which they discussed homestay expectations, health and safety abroad, academics, cultural and social activities, host culture diversity (as well as what it means for them to be “diverse” within the Spanish context), etc. When not in sessions, students enjoyed time with their orientation groups, exploring and learning more about their neighborhood alongside their Spanish student orientation guides.  Collage 1

Survival Spanish 

Students jumped right into the two-week, 3-credit, Spanish Intensive Grammar course following the onsite orientation--this semester we offered classes for absolute beginners to advanced Spanish speakers. Although the principle focus of the course is Spanish grammar, professors make a concerted effort to take in-class learning out of the classroom. For example, the beginning Spanish language students spent a morning exploring restaurant menus and learning how to order.  The intermediate Spanish students took part in an exercise entitled “obvious-curious” in which they explored the Mercado de la Encarnación, taking photos of objects (or behaviors) that were obvious to them, things they might see or experience in the U.S. or curious to them, things not seen often in the U.S., student later presented their “findings” to classmates (in Spanish) via oral presentations...the Elementary II students took to the streets to interview their Spanish peers about university life. Finally, the advanced Spanish students were sent on a scavenger hunt, with the task of finding historical clues around the city.

Collage 2

Getting to know Seville and Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Several cultural activities were held in the afternoons and weekends during the first couple of weeks, including a tour of the city with CIEE professors, a cooking class to introduce students to Spanish gastronomy, and a daytrip to Cádiz, just to name a few. Upon completion of the Intensive Spanish course, students headed to the University Pablo de Olavide for an orientation and tour prior to the start of their semester-long classes. 

Collage 3






The semester´s end is always a bittersweet time for students as it means saying goodbye to their Spanish families, to their friends…and to Sevilla.  Students prepared for the return home (and the very likely Reverse Culture Shock that they will experience) via a Reentry Session held at the CIEE Study Center.  During the workshop, students reflected not only on how the experience impacted them personally but also what the experience could mean for them professionally.  As such, students worked in pairs and discussed ways to share their growth and learning in a professional and ‘marketable’ manner in their resumes and during a job interview.

REENTRY 1-horz

It has been rewarding to observe the intercultural learning and growth of the students enrolled in the CIEE Intercultural Communication and Leadership course this semester. The learning objectives of the course are for students to increase their cultural self-awareness, develop a deeper understanding of the field of intercultural communication, increase their ability to recognize and bridge cultural gaps as well as develop an intercultural leadership practice. 

Students' intercultural growth and knowledge were highlighted in the final class project: a digital story. Students highlighted how the experience abroad helped them develop their intercultural competence and contributed to their intercultural learning. I invite you to view CIEE Seville IBC student Chan Hwang´s Digital Story.





Cover photo

Coming Home

What I heard over and over from students in the mid-semester check-in meeting was that after a long weekend of travel (for many) they were glad to come home [to Sevilla] and resume their daily routine...spending time at the river hanging out with friends, playing pick-up basketball at courts near their homestay, going for runs in Maria Luisa Park, or just spending time with their host families chatting about their lives.

Hablaworld 1

Comm photo 5

El Cubo y Basilippo

Students participated in two visits to companies/organizations in Seville:Basilippo Olive Oil, a family-run olive oil production company, and El Cubo, a crowd-working space in Seville whose mission is to become a collaborative center for the promotion of knowledge and innovation where teams can grow their project or help their startup mature.   During the visit to Basilippo students learned about the productions process of extra virgin olive oil, from cultivation to extraction.  And in El Cubo, students had a discussion with the director of the center about the objectives of the mentorship program, and interacted with several startup teams, providing feedback along the way.  A couple of IBC students will be collaborating with the startups to help advance their projects.


Cultural Immersion to Morocco

The CIEE Seville IBC Overnight to Morocco continues to be one of the highlights of the semester.  Students had two pre-departures orientations, one to learn about the historical, societal, and cultural elements of this developing North African country, and the second to discuss the academic and cultural objectives of the excursion.  The student learning that occurs during the trip reminds me why international education, and especially intercultural education, is so vital for our students... not only do they see a country and culture very different from their own but most importantly they EXPERIENCE it first-hand. Students become aware of their U.S. American privilege and status, they dialogue with their Moroccan peers about their perceptions of the U.S., U.S. Americans, U.S. politics and are open and honest with each other about why certain perceptions exist.  At the same time, they also discover that even though they come from very different cultures a common or connecting thread can always be found.  





Actividad cultural Alec, Casey y Lindsay 3

¡Bienvenidos a Sevilla!

Orientation in Seville

The Spring17 students arrived to Seville a day after Spain´s National Three Wiseman holiday, jetlagged but excited to begin their semester study abroad. Students began the semester with an onsite orientation of the city, discussions on how to keep themselves safe and healthy during their semester, a presentation on homestay norms and the importance of communication between host and student, information on CIEE social and cultural activities, academics, (possible) cultural hurdles, etc. After a long day of sessions, students had some downtime with their orientation guide and orientation group to explore their neighborhood and enjoy a tapas dinner at local restaurant.


Taking it to the Streets

Students jumped right into their 2-week Spanish Intensive Grammar course following the onsite orientation, enrolling in one of 5 courses, from Intensive Beginning Spanish to Advanced Spanish. One of the goals of the CIEE Spanish Intensive Session is not only to get students completely immersed in the host language from the start but also get them out into their community, interacting with their surroundings, with individuals and applying their classroom knowledge to the local cultural context…below are just some of the activities that students engaged in:

  • Taking photos of objects or behavior they found to be “curious” in their new cultural context, with a subsequent essay of their impressions of the object/behavior and why they found it curious.
  • Interviewing local university students about their employment opportunities, the Spanish university system, student interests, etc.
  • Visit to a local food market and writings about impressions, what they learned, etc.
  • Visit to the Seville Fine Arts Museum and essay regarding the artwork that was most impressive, what they learned, etc.
  • Interviewing host family´s neighbors with the objective f learning more about the neighborhood in which they live with a subsequent essay about knowledge gained and the similarities and differences between their Spanish neighborhood and U.S. neighborhood.


IBC Activities

Several cultural and social activities have been held in the afternoons and weekends since students´ arrival, including a historical tour of the city, a daytrip to Córdoba, a cooking class in which students made two of the most prominent dishes in Seville: tortilla de patatas and salmorejo, visits to Seville´s Gothic Cathedral and Royal Palace, and Spanish student-CIEE student language exchange events.


University Pablo de Olavide

Students are in their first full week of classes at the UPO; several students have made the decision to enroll in courses alongside their Spanish peers.





Seville IBC Semester Closure: Semester Highlights


Overnight immersion experience in Northern Morocco

The semester was filled with several high points, one of which the students´ overnight immersion experience in Northern Morocco.  Students engaged in conversations with Moroccan peers, discussing poignant issues affecting their lives: stereotypes that the Western World holds of Muslims, fear of terrorism (Moroccans and U.S. Americans), misconceptions of Islam, the recent U.S. presidential election, amongst others. As an educator I consider it a privilege to facilitate this life-changing experience for students as they learn, question, and grow. To get a better understanding of the student experience, I invite you to view the slide show/video of one of the student groups.

Reentry Session

With the stress of final exams, saying goodbyes to friends, the packing of bags, etc. reflection about how they have changed and what should they expect when they return to the U.S. often gets pushed aside. For this reason, all IBC students engaged in conversation about their return to the U.S. during the CIEE Reentry Workshop and discussed ways in which they can continue their personal and cultural growth after returning home.  In addition to reflection of their experience, students broke into small groups based on their academic majors and brainstormed ways in which they can incorporate their study abroad learning and growth during a job interview.