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Our Spring 2018 semester ended a week ago after 17 weeks of shared experiences and intense academic work. We’re proud to say that all our students have shown a keen interest in pursuing their personal and academic endeavors, have experienced life in Seville at many different levels, and have shown great commitment in the production of meaningful media projects with a focus on their host community.A prime example of this is the video interview that Dominika Struk (University of Illinois at Chicago) conducted, recorded and edited of the very fine Don José (above), a Venezuelan turned Cuban, now a resident of Seville’s neighborhood of San Julian who, at 78, recounts his life for Dominika’s camera with a defeating sense of humor and a great display of passion for life… And what has he not done?! A boxer, a carpenter, a motorcycle racer, a mechanic… Now, a grandfather. This is Dominika’s final project for the course Digital Video Reporting in Contextwith professor Carlos Pineda. As the rest of her peers in the course, Dominika has contributed to increase our students’ ever-growing media gallery of characters from the city, which include videos, magazine articles, podcasts and photo projects. See more, hear more and read more at our website of students’,


The 30th edition of the bilingual magazine más+menos is titled “Identity and Place / Identidad y Lugar” and has been created by the students of the course Magazine Reporting and Writing–with professor Óscar Ceballos– in collaboration this semester with students from the University of Seville. The twelve stories in this magazine describe one of our most important endeavours as human beings: finding a place we can call our own. In the article about basketball player Ryan Kelly, ‘Confessions of a Serial Traveler’, Benjamin Portnoy (Indiana University-Bloomington) tells the story of a former Duke and Los Angeles Lakers star, now starting a new life with his wife and daughter in Seville, playing for Betis Endesa. Emily Milakovic (George Washington University) interviews Clara Duarte about finding her identity in an open family environment though still influenced by a predominantly catholic and traditional society, “I Thought I Was Alone”. In the beautifully written article ‘Held Together with Thread’, Veronica Moyer surprises us with the story of Merche Pérez, who has a created a warm environment in the heart of the community while finding her own place in it. You can read the rest of the stories at masmenos.esor download its pdf versionto get the feel of the printed edition.


As always, being creative has been an important part in the process of connecting with the host community, not only focussing on its history and culture but, more intently, on its present tribulations and its hopes for the future. Above, you can see a moment of the workshop conducted by professors Rubén Díaz and Antonio Pérez for the course ‘Digital and Visual Culture in Contemporary Spain’ and framed within the unit 'Ways of seeing Spain: Photography and Truth'. You can see the amazing outcome in this post of our Facebook page, where you will find much more information about the semesterof our students, not only from the Communication, New Media and Journalism Spanish program, but from all of them.

We’ll be back with more news in September, at the start of the Fall 2018 semester. In the meantime, have a great summer!      


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