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Seville International Business and Culture, Issue II, Spring 2018




Spring Greetings from Seville!

Spring has arrived to Seville, the orange blossoms are in full bloom and a few remnants from last week´s Semana Santa holiday can still be found here and there...


NEW! Onsite Internship for Academic Credit

This Spring 2018 semester marked the first semester of the Seville International Business and Culture Program offering semester-long onsite internships for academic credit. Students complete 100 hours of work, in addition to a bi-monthly classroom component.  Students can choose from a variety of fields such as marketing, finance, human resources, biotechnology, health sciences, etc.


Internship fair


Did you know?

The Seville International Business and Culture (IBC) Program offers science courses in English for science majors. Below are just a few of the science course options that have been popular with students:

Fall semester

Anatomy and Physiology, 30 lab hours, 4 credits syllabus

Applied Microbiology, 30 lab hours, 4 credits syllabus

Organic Chemistry I, 40 lab hours, 5 credits syllabus

Biochemistry: Metabolism and its Regulation, 18 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

General Chemistry, 18 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus


Spring semester

Endocrinology and Metabolism, 14 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

Genetics, 18 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

Organic Chemistry II, 40 lab hours, 5 credits syllabus

Sampling Methods in Ecology, 14 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus

Pharmacology and Toxicology, 7 lab hours, 3 credits syllabus


Fall and spring semester

Ecological Systems, 5 hours of field work, 3 credits syllabus

The Mediterranean Diet: From Fiction to Facts, 5 hours of lab, 3 credits syllabus


Company visit to Basilippo Olive Oil

In March students visited Basilippo Olive Oil, a small family company located in the outskirts of Sevilla and dedicated to the production of gourmet olive oil.  Students toured the grounds of the company, learning about the production process, from the caretaking of the olives to the extraction of the olive oil.  Students also discussed with the manager the company´s markets, their market strategy, and growth.  The visit ended with a tasting of one of their fruit infused olive oil varieties.

Basilippo collage



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