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Advanced Liberal Arts, Spring 2018, Issue I




CIEE SEVILLE ALA students´ semester started with their arrival last Wednesday, January 17. Our students were assisted by local CIEE staff members to get accommodated with their new host families at their new homes, as well as to get familiarized with their neighborhood, CIEE Seville and the main utilities of the city.


Our students completed their two-week Spanish intensive course where they refreshed, practiced and progressed in language, getting prepared to select their final regular classes after individual academic meetings with the resident staff.

Regular classes started Monday, February 5th at CIEE, the previous week at UPO and one day after at University of Seville.Most of our students are attending their regular courses at the University of Seville, a few are taking classes at UPO and just one at EUSA, what means that our students were enrolled at the three main institutions that CIEE is joined to. 

Finally, three of our students also decided to work on independent researches projects that involve them deeply working together with their professors specialist in different areas of their specific interests.

Cultural activities and trips

 ALA students participated in the CIEE immersion course at “La Sierra del Huéznar” where they could interact with Spanish students through multiple sportive and cultural activities enjoying of the great and natural environment surrounding them.




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