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Group photo_Basilippo


IBC Visit to Basilippo

IBC students made a visit to one of the most well-known gourmet olive oil companies in Andalucía, Basilippo. During the visit, students toured the grounds of Basilippo, learned about the cultivation process, the importance of “speaking to the trees”, the difference between virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, as well as heard from exportation and marketing managers. The visit ended with an olive-oil tasting.
Basilippo photo collage

IBC Socio-Cultural Activities

Several cultural immersion activities have been organized this semester, with the objective of facilitating greater interaction between students and locals. CIEE sponsored several students in one of Seville´s most well-known city runs La Nocturna de Sevilla. Students were also provided tickets to attend a soccer match of one of Seville´s local team, Betis, against Levante (Valencia´s team)…approximately 50 IBC students attended the match!
Socio cultural activies_collage

University Pablo de Olavide Science Courses

Seville´s University Pablo de Olavide offers a number of science courses for semester-long students including Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, Applied Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology II, all of which include a minimum of 30 laboratory hours and follow the curriculum of the University of New England. These courses are open to all students participating in the CIEE Seville International Business and Culture Program and are designed to fit the needs of most science majors and minors. In addition to the above courses, students can fulfill science electives by enrolling in Ecological Systems or Biochemistry. Additionally, science students can direct-enroll in OVER 20 SCIENCE COURSES TAUGHT IN ENGLISH alongside Spanish peers. To see a complete list of science and mathematics course options offered in the Seville IBC Program click here.
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We almost reached the middle of the semester at the same time that the Autumn season started in Sevilla. At this point of the semester, students are completely settled.


Students have been very busy lately with their classes and midterm exams, which they took last week of October.

Among the diverse range of out-of-class activities in which students are participating, there have been some novelties. For instance, some of the students in the Anthropolgy of Sport in Spain course, volunteered for the 1st Sevilla International Master Regata. Together with a group of thirty Spanish university students, CIEE participants helped welcoming athletes, assisting at the pier and collaborating at the prize ceremony.

 Grupo 4


Also, Academic Writing and Critical Thinking students had the privilege to attend the Festival de Cine Europeo in Seville. They witnessed how Kiti Mánver, a very well known Spanish actress, received an award for her acting career. Later on, students watched the premiere of the film: "Las heridas del viento" where Kiti Mánver stars. All of this happened in the Teatro Lope de Vega one of the most famous theaters in Sevilla.



Since mid-September, students have been taking part in the activities and events organized by the Interest Groups. For example, students in the Iberian Gastronomy participated in a wine tasting in order to learn about the differences between Iberian wines while students in  the Cultural Expressions IG participated in a Ceramics and Pottery workshop at the studio of a local artist, where they made their own clay piece and used the pottery wheel.



We hope that you are having a great fall semester.

All the best from Sevilla,



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Here we are again to share with you some of the highlights of the academic term thus far. The Business and Society program is full of enriching activities such as academic exchange seminars focusing on current issues in business (Global Discussions), company visits, internships with companies and several activities with local students.


Eight “Global Discussions” have been organized thus far, with a participation of 57 local students. This kind of activities have been developed by the CIEE Business and Society staff to help students to meet more Spaniards under a more academic atmosphere. 

  • “The professional Difference”
  • “Entrepreneurship and financing innovative projects in Spain and US”
  • “United States and Europe: two youths, two realities”
  • “Stereotypes”
  • “The bitcoin”

1 2 3

As usual, our business professors have been organizing different company visits focused on business in Spain and the European Union. So far, the following company visits have taken place in the CIEE Business and Society program this term:

S.A.T. Santa Teresa, the first olive oil producer in Spain, distinguished for being a constant source of employment.

El Cubo, a crowdworking facility where the Spanish telecommunications company, Telefonica-Movistar created a corporate responsibility organization called Andalucía - Open Future. This organization works on accelerating local start-ups by providing them resources from technology to advisers to a location, etc.

Basilippo, an important oil producer, which makes extra virgin olive oil from the Arbequina olive, one of the four most important varieties in Spain.

Extenda, the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia owned by Andalusia's Regional Government, in conjunction with the Andalusian Chambers of Commerce is dedicated to the international promotion of Andalusian products and the expansion of Andalusian business in foreign markets.

4 5 6

At this point of the semester, all the students registered in the Internship Program are working in their companies and enjoying their experience.



The highlight of each semester is unequivocally the weekend excursion to Morocco. Before travelling, CIEE organized a mandatory session to prepare students for this trip to Africa. During the session students received information about business, economics, culture and safety in Morocco as well as information about the Business School, the company and the cities they would be visiting that weekend. During this fieldtrip, students had the opportunity to experience the cultural, religious, social, and economic differences of the developing North African country.

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ALA students have all became a part of the daily life at the University of Seville.

Staff meet with all the ALA students to know about their experience in Seville as a great opportunity to detect first-hand questions that might require our help and intervention. Fortunately everything seemed to be going quite well. We talked about courses, tutors, language partners, evaluations of university professors, housing, social relationships with Spanish student, housing, etc. Fortunately everything seemed to be going quite well.


This week, students enjoyed our Info & Pizza, a second orientation to make them remind the most important things we talk about the very beginning of the term, such as exams policy at Spanish University, libraries, how to use the blackboard, other virtual tools at the university, etc.


Students are enjoying a lot of activities such as visits to museums, different tours around Seville, … 4 5

… visit to medieval castles, markets, cooking tapas, hikings, basket games, wine tasting or flamenco workshops.

6 7




Brittany Boudreau (University of Iowa), Daja Henry (Howard University), Rita Marino (Villanova University), Calvin Badger (Indiana University-Bloomington) and Maddie Coy-Bjork (Macalester College) enjoy a hike organised by the Student Life team at Santa Ana la Real in the Sierra of Aracena. Photo by professor Antonio Pérez

Dear friends,

As our Fall 2017 semester advances, all students of the Communication, New Media and Journalism program are fully involved in their academic projects and their social life in Seville. A visit to our Facebook page or to our Flickr page will offer you a glimpse into our activities in and out of town. The busiest part of the semester is around the corner, which means that students will start working very shortly in their final media projects ­–photo, video and magazine–, reaching into our community for stories, images and sounds.

This semester, we have an enrolment of 9 students in our core course Magazine Reporting and Writing and 16 in Digital Video Reporting in Context, which have been divided into two groups. It is important that work in these courses is done in close proximity to the students, guiding their different independent projects in and out of class. As usual, these courses meet at the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla (CICUS), one of the most important cultural hubs of the city. Students of the course Urban Photography Workshop: the City from Within will have their final projects exhibited here.


Ivanna Quiceno (Santa Clara University) participates in a grafitti outing near the Gualquivir river with other program participants and professor Alejandro Varela. Photo by professor Antonio Pérez

Some of our students are making the most out of their semester abroad by either volunteering, teaching English or participating in activities that allow them to connect with their host community at different levels. Thus, Selina Guevara (Elon University) and Christa Huddleston (University of Oregon) are working at the media organization and NGO Historias de Luz, giving voice to those who are not usually heard. Megan Anderson (Santa Clara University) is volunteering at a secondhand store that sells baby equipment, toys and books.

Many of the program’s students have participated in organized hikes, graffiti tours, daytrips and excursions to nearby towns, cultural outings, sports or just enjoying themselves and immersing culturally and socially.

On the academic front, our students are participating in multiple activities, both in and out of class:

  • Accompanied by professor Rubén Díaz, students of the course Digital and Visual Culture in Contemporary Spain visited the exhibition of prominent Spanish media artist Antoni Muntadas titled About Academia, on view at the Center for Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville, CICUS. The exhibition debates the complex relationship between the university as a center of knowledge production and the economic power that underlies its operations. 
  • Students of the course Magazine Reporting and Writing hosted and interviewed Sahrawi students from the University of Seville, Allach Salami, Hafed Brahim and Minettu Mohamed. The students completed their midterm assignment based on these interviews with a focus on the struggle of the Sahrawi people to gain their independence and to leave their exile in the refugee camps of Tindouf, Algeria.
  • Accompanied by professor Carlos Pineda, students of the course Digital Video Reporting in Context went to a movie theatre for a screening of the documentary “¡Lumiere! Comienza la Aventura”, which includes restored and commented versions of all existing movies of the brothers with which the history of cinema begins.


Elizabeth Stopplemann is photograph by Luis Sevilla, both from the University of Oregon, during a visit to the exhibition Ciudad Sur by photographer Sergio Castiñeira. Photo by professor Antonio Pérez

In addition to these academic activities, the weekend of November 3-5 CNMJ students went on an academic trip to Morocco being wonderfully hosted by the families of Moroccan students in the beautiful town of Chefchaouen, in the heart of the Rif Mountains. On Friday morning, with wonderful weather, we embarked on a beautiful ferry crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar that took us to Tangier, a most fascinating city that is constantly growing and that enjoyed an international status from 1923 until 1956 (the year of Morocco’s independence). We then spent two days in the town of Chefchaouen, in the Riff mountains, where CNMJ students were hosted by the families of local students. Finally, during our last day in Morocco, we visited the historic medina of Tetouan before crossing the Strait of Gibraltar again.


Jack (John) Hamilton (Elon University) in the Mohamed V square in Tetouan. Photo by professor

More news soon…

Best reards,

Óscar Ceballos