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4 posts from March 2017






Time flies and our CIEE LS students start closing stages in Spain. The semester is running smoothly and full of experiences that they will share with friends and relatives in the future. It is really satisfactory to support students and see how they grow and learn by leaps and bounds. Their academic, language and cultural learnings are contributing to their development as citizens in a nowadays global society.


According to the personal midterm interviews that they shared with their director in Seville, they admit that the beginnings were hard, but adaptation came and their expectations were finally even overcome after their first week at the university, where they opened their regular course.     

In academics, students are moving forward improving their Spanish and learning about cultural and historic items. Out-of-class activities strengthen their knowledge: they interviewed some Spanish students, went to an exhibition at Casa de la Provincia and visited the bullfighting ring among many other tasks. However, the most successful achievement was their interaction with locals, what they reached and maintain thanks to the tandem project: a five sessions plan of intercambio where students are encouraged to talk about current topics. Spaniards and Americans are still in touch supporting each other with language and cultural immersion.


Program trips included Southern cities like Córdoba and Cádiz, and an overnight adventure in Morocco. Daytrips to local towns like Carmona, Ronda or Aracena were part of the offer that they received too. Travelling through CIEE widens their perspective and push them to continue exploring the world. 

We cannot wait for next stages and welcome the Semana Santa and the Feria, main and really popular and GREAT local festivities well known of Seville.


IMG_8518Carolyn Siegman, Macalester College, and Molly Astarita, Wartburg College, during our Info&Pizza session

Did you know that the University of Seville used to be a tobacco factory? This is the first question most people in Seville ask visitors and one of the first things students learn about the university.

'Historia de la Real Fábrica de Tabacos de Sevilla'  de José Manuel Rodríguez Gordillo

Photo: Historia de la Real Fábrica de Tabacos de Sevilla, by José Manuel Rodríguez Gordillo

The Advanced Liberal Program students are enjoying the first days of spring in Seville after their CIEE midterm exams -- they did very well! After the first month, students had already adapted to the Spanish educational system and their classes.

The students at the University of Seville are fortunate enough to study in one of the most impressive and historic buildings in the city: the Royal Tobacco Factory where the well-known opera "Carmen" takes place.

'Historia de la Real Fábrica de Tabacos de Sevilla'  de José Manuel Rodríguez Gordillo (2)

Photo: Historia de la Real Fábrica de Tabacos de Sevilla, by José Manuel Rodríguez Gordillo

During these weeks, we have individual sessions with each student to review how their semester is going in terms of housing, academics, cultural immersion, language, and general experience. Some of the students are currently participating in tutorial sessions. We've added new students to the tutors list, and they are already helping students with their courses.


Georgetown students (Glenna Roberts and Neville Palmer) visiting Madrid

In addition, some students are already taking advantage of the cultural reimbursement program, taking trips throughout Spain: San Sebastian, Madrid, Ronda, and Barcelona. As part of our program activities, we will also take a trip to Granada. This will be a nice opportunity for us to spend time together!


Shannon Peters (Barnard College), Margaret Crownower (Georgetown students) and a friend of them in Madrid



Dear friends,

As our Spring 2017 semester advances, all students of the Communication, New Media and Journalism program are fully involved in their academic projects and their social life in Seville. A visit to our Facebook page will give you an interesting glimpse into our dealings in and out of town. The busiest part of the semester is around the corner, which means students will start working very shortly in their final media projects ­–photo, video and magazine–, reaching into our community for stories, images and sounds.

This semester, we’re lucky to have 9 students from the University of Seville and different nationalities (Colombian, Mexican and Spanish) participating for-credit in our core courses Digital Video Reporting in Context and Magazine Reporting and Writing, which are as usual hosted at the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla (CICUS), one of the most important cultural hubs of the city. Students of the course Urban Photography Workshop: the City from Within will have their final projects exhibited here.

Many of our students are making the most out of their experience abroad by either volunteering, teaching English or participating in activities that allow them to connect with their host community at different levels. Thus, Eliza Radeka (University of Colorado at Boulder), Vanessa Rodríguez (Mount Holyoke College) and Leah Proctor-Ford (Spelman College) are working at the media organization and NGO Historias de Luz, which fosters more positive views of the South, giving voice to those who are not usually heard. William Hibbard (Denison University) is volunteering as an English Language Assistant at the Divina Pastora school with groups of 2nd and 5th graders. Vanessa Rodríguez (Mount Holyoke College) and Evann Orleck-Jetter (University of Vermont) are working as at-home teachers, twice a week, with kids ages 4 to 7. Rachel Goodman (Indiana University-Bloomington) is singing at the Choir of the University of Seville, performing in different cities and attending rehearsals regularly.

At the academic front, our students are participating in multiple activities, both in and out of class:

Don’t miss the observational documentary shown above project by Sarah Davis (Villanova University) and Leah Proctor-Ford (Spelman College) about the Demonstration that took place in Seville on March 8th to commemorate International Women's Day. They were asked to be like flies on the wall, silent witnesses who capture with their cameras everything that happens around them: the big and the small, the significant and the irrelevant, the deep and the superficial. The result is wonderful. Enjoy it!

Once again, the students of the course Magazine Reporting and Writing welcomed Sahrawi students from the University of Seville to keep learning and talking about the struggle of the Sahrawi people to gain their freedom and to leave an exile into the dessert of more than 42 years.

Students of the course Urban Photography Workshop: The City from Within are experimenting as usual, creating cameras obscuras when guest photographer Miguel Romero came to talk to them or visiting the meaningful project created by the professor of the course, Antonio Pérez, depicting the daily lives of migrants whom live in Seville, “24 hours in the the life of…”

One of our Moroccan hosts, Said El Bradi, takes a picture of the CNMj group

In addition to these academic activities, the weekend of March 17-19 all CNMJ students went on an academic trip to Morocco accompanied by the program’s RD and being wonderfully hosted by the families of Moroccan students in the beautiful town of Chefchaouen, in the heart of the Rif Mountains. On Friday morning, with wonderful weather, we embarked on a beautiful ferry crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar that took us to Tangier, a most fascinating city that is constantly growing and that enjoyed an international status from 1923 until 1956 (the year of Morocco’s independence). We then spent two days in the town of Chefchaouen, in the Riff mountains, where CNMJ students were hosted by the families of local students. Finally, during our last day in Morocco, we visited the historic medina of Tetouan before crossing the Strait of Gibraltar again.

In order to learn in more detail about these activities, to see photographs and videos, visit our Facebook page at CNMJ CIEE SEVILLE.

More news soon…

Best reards,

Óscar Ceballos



NewsletterBannerSeville686x101 Sevilla


Here we are again to share with you some of the highlights of the academic term thus far. The Business and Society program is full of enriching activities such as academic exchange seminars focusing on current issues in business (Global Discussions), company visits, internships with companies and several activities with local students.


Eight “Global Discussions” have been organized thus far, with a participation of 96 local students. This kind of activities have been developed by the CIEE Business and Society staff to help students to meet more Spaniards under a more academic atmosphere.

  • “Leadership and Groupthink”
  • “The Entrepreneurship spirit and project financing in Spain and the United States”
  • “United States and Europe: two youths, two realities”
  • “Spanish and American Stereotypes”
  • “Coca-Cola’s one-brand marketing strategy”
  • “Corporate Social Responsibility: a question of ethics or aesthetics?”
  • “Culture shock: the good and bad of our countries”
  • “Artificial intelligence”

Global Discussions


As usual, our business professors have been organizing different company visits focused on business in Spain and the European Union. So far, the following company visits have taken place in the CIEE Business and Society program this term:

El Cubo a crowdworking facility where the Spanish telecommunications company, Telefonica-Movistar created a corporate responsibility organization called Andalucía - Open Future. This organization works on accelerating local start-ups by providing them resources from technology to advisers to a location, etc.

Caixabank, a financial group, leader within the Spanish market, comprising a banking and insurance business, as well as undertaking investments in international banks and in leading service sector companies.

Basilippo, the oldest distillery in Andalusia (1880) which has created a unique gin, created by chance, as they were looking to commercialize this fruit in pots, and that has conquered the most expert clients, the British, made out of strawberries from the fields of Huelva. 

Cámara de Comercio, The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Seville is a non–profit public law corporation.

Company visits


An amazing daytrip to the City of Córdoba took place on February 20th. During the trip students could visit the beautiful Mosque-Cathedral, the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos and the old Synagogue.



Students had the encounter with the Moroccan students that they’re visiting right now in Morocco. In this activity, students could learn about the Moroccan culture as well as meet new friends.

Connecting Cultures


At this point of the semester, all the students registered in the Internship Program are working in their companies and enjoying their experience.



The highlight of each semester is unequivocally the weekend excursion to Morocco. During this fieldtrip, students had the opportunity to experience the cultural, religious, social, and economic differences of the developing North African country.

Before travelling, CIEE organized a mandatory session to prepare students for this trip to Africa. During the session students received information about business, economics, culture and safety in Morocco as well as information about the Business School, the company and the cities they will be visiting this weekend.