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6 posts from November 2016




Top of Cathedral_cover photo

IBC Fall Happenings

IBC Company Visits

Business (and non-business students) visited two prominent companies located just outside of Seville, Ines Rosales and Basilippo Olive Oil. Students met with exportation managers, explored the products’ markets, learned about barriers when entering new markets, toured the facilities, and tried some of their most popular products. Students participating in the visit to Inés Rosales were fortunate to have a surprise drop-in visit from the U.S. Manager of Exportation who was keen to know more about the likes of the U.S. market from the students’ perspective. Both visits ended with tastings of the products…students’ palettes were put to the test as they discovered the delicious combination of chocolate ice cream dressed with orange-infused olive oil.


IBC Small-Group Activities

Several activities have been organized this semester, with the objective of facilitating greater interaction between students and their Spanish peers. The cover photo shows one of those activities, a walk along the rooftop of Seville’s Gothic Cathedral. Students also participated in a clay and wine workshop, have kayaked along the Guadalquivir River, as well as made a visit to Seville’s newly-built aquarium. The Spanish student organizers will finish up the semester with a tapas activity.

Small group activity 1 Kayak

COMM 3301 Intercultural Communication and Leadership

IBC students have the option of enrolling in the semester-long CIEE Intercultural Communication and Leadership class. The primary course objectives are an awareness of who we are culturally, the growing of cultural-specific and cultural-general knowledge as well as the ability to bridge our cultural differences via creativity and mindfulness.
The journey began with an exploration of ourselves, our cultural values, and our identity, as well as the exploration of those of whom we would deem as “culturally different”. Students engaged in discussions with Spanish peers about their personal values as well as the value ideals that one can find at the group level.
Students also participated in a workshop on the power of imagery and how to use images to speak (students will be creating a digital story of their intercultural learning as their final project).


Stay tuned to the next blog in which I will highlight students’ immersion experience in Morocco.





 Fall finally came and winter will follow to accompany our Language and Society students on their way back home next month!

During these two months, our students have been growing and learning at the same time that they had a lot of fun immerging in the Spanish and Sevillian cultures.  


Regular Session started Monday, 26st September. Students are attending their CIEE language classes in the mornings and the rest of the time on campus at the Universidad de Sevilla. So far, everything has gone smoothly as the students seemed to adjust well, and they are having a positive and productive semester. Students are happy with their classes´ selections and completed their midterm exams stage. They continue working to prepare for their future final challenges.

Taller de cocina

Out-of-class activities. Spanish Culture and Civilization class. October 10 - HISP 3101 visited the Parque María Luisa, inaugurated in the early 1900s and setting of the 1929 Iberian American Fair. The centennial park boasts vegetation from all the continents, in addition to a good selection of Historicist Architecture from the early 20th century. October 19 - HISP 3101 visited the Archeological Museum of Seville, focusing on the wonderful Roman collection, one of the best in Spain: famous statues of Mercury, Venus and Diana, of emperors Trajan and Hadrian, in addition to mosaics, inscriptions and other notable items from Ancient and Medieval history. October 28 - Together with Liberal Arts students, HISP 3101 will visit the town of Rota, which hosts a joint US-Spain naval station. Students will meet with US and Spanish Navy personnel, to explore the history of the base, the present role and the nature of US-Spain cooperation. Additionally, students will visit the Town Hall of Rota, to get the view of the civilian population. On October 17, students of grammar had to interview some people on the street to do a survey about the main social and political concerns for Spaniards today. The experience was highly motivating for them because they were able to meet different people, and learn more about real Spain, outside of their everyday lives. Later, they wrote a composition on the experience, and contrasted what they learned, with their own perception. Their findings were very interesting, and had an excellent critical eye. Gastronomy class. Thursday sept 29th. Visit to the Antiquarium de Sevilla. Tuesday Oct. 4th: Olive oil tasting (in class). Thursday Oct. 20th: Visit to various Convents in Seville (traditional cakes and sweets tasting).



Ciee Language and Society students had the opportunity to join other Ciee students and some Spaniards to enjoy different local activities such as: visits to historical monuments like the Cathedral or the Alcázar, Hospital de la Caridad, Plaza de España or Italica Ruins, and neighborhoods like Triana, Arenal or the Jewish part of Santa Cruz, historic buildings, Lebrija Palace or Pilatos House, nearby cities like Cádiz, Aracena, or Carmona. They could also visit some museums like Bellas Artes, Arts and Customs or the Archeologic one in Seville. Ciee also offered some thematic tours like the graffiti, convents, flamenco and Opera tours. 

Trips included two exclusive for the program. Cádiz Daytrip. CIEE LS students travelled to Cádiz last Saturday, September 24 to conclude their intensive course and practice their Spanish while visiting the city. Students visited the most important monuments and spaces there and had the opportunity to get to know each other better and interact with some other local Spanish youth. They all participated in a friendly competition to see who could accumulate the most “hablo español” badges as reminder of their commitment to speak only in Spanish!


And an overnight trip, where students travelled to Morocco visiting the two small towns of Asilah and Chauen, and the two big cities of Tetuan and Tangier in the North of the country. Among their activities students visited the Instituto Cervantes where they could have a really interesting intercambio with Moroccan students who studied Spanish in Tetuan. They discussed about cultural and academic similarities and differences between Morocco and Spain. 


Within their projects, the Embedded Intercultural Component whose sessions are helping students to reflect about culture and their position and role in it. And the Tandem Project developed in 3 sessions and a final daytrip! This Saturday the group will enjoy the last out of the four activities connected to the Language/Cultural Workshop with the group of students from Universidad de Sevilla. Our students will visit Aracena and the National Park around the area, and this trip will give them the opportunity to practice the target language outside of the classroom in a more informal setting.

The activity has two parts: First, walk up the 12th century castle, and some time to enjoy the downtown area (City Hall, and different churches). Then, second, around 2.30 the bus will go up to the mountains of Aroche National Park, and have a picnic at one of its magnificent view points. Students will enjoy their free time here, and explore nature.

The visit is bilingual, and the main objectives of this last activity will be to continue practicing their target languages outside of the classroom, at a beautiful setting, and to reinforce the relationship with the Spanish students that started on the first session of the Workshop back in October.






Granada (2)

The students participating in the CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts program at the University of Seville have reached the halfway point of their academic and personal experience in Spain.


ALA staff had meetings with all of the ALA students. It seems as though integration and immersion in university life as well as that of Seville have gone smoothly.  All the students have managed to get to know Spaniards, and as consequence establish a relationship with them. Furthermore, almost all of them have language partners, and from what they told us in the meetings above, they are very satisfied with their housing as well as their host families. It has been truly gratifying to hear that their level of confidence in their Spanish skills has increased considerably, and thus, they feel more comfortable when using this language in their daily and academic lives. We are sure that the Language Immersion Weekend helped them to their integration.


We had our traditional Info&Pizza, our “second orientation” and it constituted a perfect excuse to meet and chat about their final stretch: university exams, potential tutorial sessions, exam policies, libraries, 24 hours study rooms, the virtual university, blackboard, cultural reimbursement, etc.


We made a deal with ALA students: one photo of them at the University of Seville for a free ticket to the theater and a later brunch to talk about the play. We were fortunate to see, at the Teatro Lope de Vega (1929) in Seville, the world premiere of Zenit;  the last performance of Els Joglars, one of the most ancient theater companies in Europe.



For the first time, and hopefully no the last one, we had a meeting with ALA students from CIEE Barcelona and CIEE Seville in our center in Seville. It was a nice experience to connect ALA students, that is, those from Barcelona and those from Seville, with Spanish students both from the University of Barcelona and University of Seville, and our staff.

Thanks, Alberto and Andrés, for your visit to Seville!



This semester we went to Granada, one of the most beautiful city in Spain. We had the fortune to have the best explanations about the city: Carlos Sánchez, one of our professors, explained us the story of La Alhambra, el Albaicín, la Capilla Real and the city.

Granada (3)

Granada (1)

All the best from Seville

ALA staff






Here we are again to share with you some of the highlights of the academic term thus far. The Business and Society program is full of enriching activities such as academic exchange seminars focusing on current issues in business (Global Discussions), company visits, internships with companies and several activities with local students.


Eight “Global Discussions” have been organized thus far, with a participation of more than 50 local students. This kind of activities have been developed by the CIEE Business and Society staff to help students to meet more Spaniards under a more academic atmosphere. 

  • “The entrepreneurial spirit and financing for innovative projects in Spain and in the US”
  • “United States and Europe: two youths, two realities
  • “The bitcoin”
  • “Coca-Cola’s one-brand marketing strategy”
  • “Spanish and American Stereotypes”

  Global Discussions


As usual, our business professors have been organizing different company visits focused on business in Spain and the European Union. So far, the following company visits have taken place in the CIEE Business and Society program this term: 

  • Xtraice, the exclusive developer and manufacturer of the unique Xtraice synthetic ice rinks.
  • Newbiotechnic, a biotechnological company whose R&D&I focus is on a generation of products for a small niche in the agricultural, food, and industrial sectors
  • CREA, a crowdworking facility where the city hall works on accelerating local start-ups by providing them resources from technology to advisers to a location, etc.
  • Basilippo, important oil producer, which makes extra virgin olive oil from the Arbequina olive, one of the four most important varieties in Spain.
  • Polydesign System (Tangier, Morocco): a company that specializes in Automotive & Apparel Trimmings.

  Company Visits

Daytrip to Cordoba

An amazing daytrip to the City of Córdoba took place on October 15th. During the trip students could visit the beautiful Mosque-Cathedral, the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos and the old Synagogue.


overnight to morRoco

The highlight of each semester is unequivocally the weekend excursion to Morocco. During this fieldtrip, students had the opportunity to experience the cultural, religious, social, and economic differences of the developing North African country.

Before travelling, CIEE organized a mandatory session to prepare students for this trip to Africa. During the session students received information about business, economics, culture and safety in Morocco as well as information about the Business School, the company and the cities they will be visiting this weekend.

Students visited the company Polydesign System in Tangiers, a company that specializes in Automotive & Apparel Trimmings and the Ecole Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion in Tangier, where students enjoyed having tea and traditional cookies with a group of Moroccan students.



At this point of the semester, all the students registered in the Internship Program are working in their companies and have attended the Critical Reflection of the Internship experience session.


I’d like to thank you for your continued support of the CIEE Business and Society Program.  If you have any questions or feedback on the program, please do not hesitate to contact the CIEE Staff. 

Warm Regards from Seville!

Virginia, Brittany and Antonio



Greetings from Sevilla!

Collage 1

After seven weeks, we reached the middle of the semester at a time when Sevilla is a hive of cultural activity.

This week, students have the opportunity of getting closer to the European culture through the 13th edition of the European Film Festival, SEFF. Also, students will also have the good fortune to attend a unique exhibition about the two most renown Seville Baroque painters, Velázquez and Murillo that has just been released.

Sevilla is also becoming very popular because once again, it has been selected as a location to film a new season of A Game of Thrones. Its film stars are being seen lately in the city. Last Sunday, some of its main characters supported one of our soccer teams, Sevilla Fútbol Club in a match versus FC Barcelona. Unfortunately, we lost the match…

 Collage 2


Students are completely immersed in the new academic culture that they are experiencing in Sevilla. They just finished their midterms and while they are working hard towards the finals, they also are exploring and discovering the special corners of our city.

Apart from travelling to Granada, Cádiz and other places of interest in Andalusia, at the end of November, students will embark on the trip of their Interest Groups to places such as Madrid, Lisbon (Portugal), Barcelona or Northern Morocco. This two-night trip will be the completion of a semester full of activities with Spanish students such as cooking lessons, bike tours, sports encounters, trips to a winery and much more.

I hope that you are having a great semester and that you enjoy a very special Thanksgiving with your beloved ones.

Please visit our Facebook to see what is going on this semester in Sevilla!

All the best,

Jorge, Sergio and Olga





IMG_1892Deanna Starr (Villanova University), Kyle Crutchfield (University of Tulsa), Mohammed Jadidi (Curator at the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies), Neil Holbrook (Washington State University) and Chateleine Dunor (University of Illinois at Chicago) chilling out right after our arrival in Morocco, at the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies (TALIM).

Dear friends,

As our Fall 2016 semester advances, all students of the Communication, New Media and Journalism program are fully involved in their academic projects and their social life in Seville. Motivation seems high now that (finally!) the closest thing that we have to cold weather has arrived.

A visit to our Facebook page will give you a very good glimpse into our work and activities in and out of town. Little by little, we're reaching the busiest part of the semester. Students are getting increasingly accustomed to working out of class, reaching into our community for stories, images and sounds. This is the time when all of the hard work done so far will start materializing into projects that will not only become an important part of our students’ personal portfolios, but that will also expand their and our knowledge of our community.

This semester, we’re lucky to have 6 students from the University of Seville participating for-credit in our core courses Digital Video Reporting in Context and Magazine Reporting and Writing, which are as usual hosted at the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla (CICUS), one of the most important cultural hubs of the city. CICUS has hosted this fall a most engaging exhibition by Antonio Pérez, professor of the Urban Photography Workshop: the City from Within, Recyclants, Agbogbloshie, Accra (Ghana) 2014-2015, which  describes the living conditions of the inhabitants of this electronic wast dumpsite, one of the most populated places in the planet.

IMG_1896Neil Holbrook (Washington State University), Hannah Cho (Vassar College), Molly Flerlage (Macalister College) and Madison Cameron (University of Oregon) exploring Tangier.

Some of our usual collaborators and some new ones have already participated in the different courses of the CNMJ program:

+ The visual artist María Cañas, one of Spain’s most imaginative and controversial figures, digital archivist, visited the course Digital and Visual Culture in contemporary Spain to discuss with students her perspective on Art, Culture, Communication, Social Media and the Internet.

+ Once again the students of the course Magazine Reporting and Writing welcomed Sahrawi students from the University of Seville to keep learning and talking about the struggle of the Sahrawi people to gain their freedom and to leave an exile into the dessert of more than 41 years.

+ Students of the course Urban Photography Workshop: the City from Within are doing the usual: playing, experimenting and, if requested, bursting balloons, yet also roaming the streets of the city with their cameras and making people interested in their often unusual points of view. See them here taking passers by at Plaza del Salvador by surprise.

+ Don’t miss either the brief summaries of students’ audiovisual projects posted by professor Carlos Pineda, Digital Video Reporting in Context course, on our program’s Facebook page.


The inefable artist María Cañas, guest of the course Digital and Visual Culture in Contemporary Spain this semester

In addition to these academic activities, the weekend of November 4-6 all CNMJ students went on an academic trip to Morocco accompanied by the program’s RD and being wonderfully hosted by the families of Moroccan students in the beautiful town of Chefchaouen, in the heart of the Rif Mountains. On Friday morning, with wonderful weather, we embarked on a beautiful ferry crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar that took us to Tangier, a most fascinating city that is constantly growing and that enjoyed an international status from 1923 until 1956 (the year of Morocco’s independence). We visited its old medina, including the oldest diplomatic site of the U.S. Government and only National Historic Landmark outside of U.S. soil, the Tangier American Legation. We then spent two days in the town of Chefchaouen, in the Riff mountains, where CNMJ students were hosted by the families of local students. Finally, during our last day in Morocco, we visited the historic medina of Tetouan before crossing the Strait of Gibraltar again.

Early in the semester, we also visited the historic town of Cádiz, in which is only the “tip of the iceberg” on the countless activities, daytrips and excursions that our study center offers students through the Department of Student Services.

Finally, in case you must know, the crew of HBO’s TV series “Game of Thrones” is in Seville, shooting some new chapters of their next season.  

More news soon…


Óscar Ceballos, CNMJ RD

Óscar Ceballos, CNMJ RD