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1 posts from August 2016


Newsletter III Summer Language & Culture Seville


On Friday, July 22nd, students of the course Spanish History and Civilisation toured the area around the church of San Salvador and Plaza Alfalfa to learn about Seville's medieval past. The professor is Carlos Sanchez and the students, left to right, Taylor Withers (University of Oregon), Kyla Mitchell (University of Illinois at Chicago), Mercedes Mingus (university of Oregon), Valerie Shreffler (Pennsylvania State University), Kyle Rust (University of Minnesota) and Scott Irons (Pennsylvania State University). 

Greetings from Seville,

Session III of CIEE Seville's Summer Language & Culture program ended last Friday, August 12th, after four very intense weeks of academic work, intercultural learning, leisure and travel for the 38 students who spent with us this last part of our academic summer.

Their activities have been channeled through the courses Spanish History and Civilisation, taught in English by professor Carlos Sánchez, Contemporary Spanish Literature, taught in Spanish by professor Ana María Sánchez Catena and Culture and Cuisine in Spain, also taught in Spanish by professor Angel de Quinta.

Students enrolled in the course Contemporary Spanish Literature have been able to practice their Spanish language skills to the limit while reading works by Goytisolo, Marías, Muñoz Molina o Valente. They take with them critical reflections about art and life to last them many years... and in Spanish! 

The course Spanish History and Civilisation allowed students to visit, amongst many other places of historical significance, Seville's Antiquarium, under Plaza de la Encarnación, containing remains of Roman, Visigothic and Islamic Seville, the 14th century palace 'Casa de Pilatos', the Archaeological Museum, the Royal Alcazar palace and gardens, and Seville's Cathedral, the largest gothic temple in the world. A lot to take in in just three and half week of classes though surely the students will travel back to those places (in their minds) for months to come.


Alexandra Díaz-Alemán (Columbia University), Nataly DeBell (University of Oregon), Jennifer Schmitz (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire), Anna Tamulonis (Purdue University), Kaila Mitchel (University of Illinois at Chicago), Kyle Rust (University of Minnesota) and Shelby Therieault (University of Connecticut) enjoy their day-trip in Arcos de la Frontera.

While in Seville, and in addition to the many culture and leisure activities, offered on a daily basis by the Student Services' department –and really well attended by our students– participants of the Summer Language and Culture program Session III enjoyed a day-trip to the cities of Arcos de la Frontera and Puerto de Santa María, in the Sierra and Bay of Cádiz respectively, and an overnight trip to the maritime city of Málaga, facing the Mediterranean Sea. They completed their time in the provice of Malaga by enjoying the beach in the beautiful town of Nerja.

Arcos de la Frontera, located in the mountainous area of the province of Cádiz, site of LC session III day-trip.

Students also participated in a three day Intercultural Comparative Experience trip to the city of Paris (August 5-7), which, to the enjoyment of all participants, took place according to plan.

What a summer this has been! We hope to see many more students from all of your institutions coming to Seville in the coming Fall, Spring and Summer terms. Thank you all for your support thus far.

Best regards from the academic team of the Summer L&C program, Olga Merino, Helena Andrés and Óscar Ceballos.