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6 posts from December 2015



Cover of the 25th issue of the student magazine más+menos

Dear friends,

As we gather our thoughts at the completion of the Fall 2015 semester and get ready for the beginning of the next Spring 2016, the professors and resident director of the CIEE Communication, New Media and Journalism program in Seville are happy to say that the past three and half months have been a truly productive period for all. Our students have shown great commitment in pursuing their personal and academic endeavors, have experienced at many levels and have demonstrated great respect for their host community. The meaningful media projects they've created during their semester abroad prove this.

Check for instance the audiovisual documentary created by Bryce Ferendo from Indiana University, "Tres Tazas de Té / Three Cups of Tea", about a young Sahrawi refugee who studies in Seville and hopes to return to the refugee camps where his family lives in order to help his people gain independence one day; Elon University student Marcela Hawkins feature for the 25th edition of the magazine más+menos, "A Love Without Price / Un Amor Sin Precio", explaining the challenges that female soccer players face in a sport totally oriented towards professional male teams; or the great photographic projects created by all of the students participating in the course Urban Photography Workshop who exhibited their work at the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla, CICUS, at the end of the semester.

Soon you should receive copies of the student magazine más+menos, titled this time Two Sides of the Mirror / dos Lados del Espejo, in which the students of the course Magazine Reporting and Writing show us the vast diversity of Seville’s community through a number of compelling stories, from the soccer pitch where a woman fulfills her dreams to the tent of the homeless poet.

Please visit our website of students' projects for more projects created by the students of the courses New Media and Audiovisual Workshop and Urban Photography Workshop, who've likewise featured individuals and atmospheres from our community in their documentaries and photographic projects really worth checking. Through their work and closeness to their environment in Seville, they’ve expanded not only theirs but also our connections (that of their educators) to our human landscape.

The Spring semester of 2015 has been full of academic, cultural and social activities. We visited Europe's oldest city, Cádiz, in February; in early March, we spent three days in the Moroccan town of Chefchaouen, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar in order to spend some time in Tangier and Tetouan before reaching the beautiful capital of the Rif mountains, where we were hosted by the very hospitable families of 8 young Moroccan students with whom we shared invaluable time; as part of our agreement with the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla, we've again included students from the University of Seville into our core course New Media and Audiovisual Workshop and will keep on repeating this exchange experience in future semesters, extending it to other CIEE CNMJ courses.

We're please visito announce that next Spring 2016 semester, the CNMJ program will again offer the course Spanish Skills in Context: Podcast Reporting, taught by professor Marina Blesa. Thus, we will again include radio production amongst our students’ options for creating original media projects.


Debbie Estrada Lobo (Indiana University) and Marcela Hawkins (Elon University) in Cádiz, September 29th.

Students of the Fall 2015 semester have visited radio stations and newsrooms of local newspapers; have jumped; have participated in the Conference on Human Rights and Humanitarian Action of United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Middle East, have visited schools, NGOs and community centers. Once again, our courses have hosted artists, like María Cañas, social activists, journalists and relevant members of the community.

At our program's Facebook page, CNMJ CIEE SEVILLE, you can receive updates about our students work and the program's activities on a regular basis.

Thank you very much for collaborating with us this past semester.

Best regards from Seville and a very happy new year,

Óscar Ceballos





Seville IBC Semester Closure

Cocina Andaluza

Several small-group activities were organized during the semester for students, together with their Spanish peers.  The last activity of the semester was an Andalusian cuisine cooking class where students learned how to make two traditional dishes: paella de pollo and patatas aliñadas.

Cooking class 1

Cooking class 2

Cooking class 3

Cooking class 4

Get to know the UPO

Seville IBC students took their classes at the University Pablo de Olavide (UPO), located slightly outside the Seville city limits.  The UPO, founded in 1997, boasts itself as a “university committed to educational excellence and societal service, while providing students with an environment that foments reflection and critical thinking in response to the needs and problems of contemporary societal values.”

Students take a minimum of four classes at the University Pablo de Olavide in subject areas ranging from business to the sciences to art history; the majority of teaching staff are UPO faculty. The UPO has approximately 11,000 undergraduate students and 30 undergraduate degree programs.

International students can participate in a number of cultural and social events organized by the UPO’s International Center Office, including bimonthly language tables, intercambio events, intramural sports, and more.


Upo 2



IBC Communication in Context

Nine students enrolled in the CIEE Intercultural Communication in Context Course.  The semester was filled with numerous intercultural learning activities, exchanges with Spanish peers, and outings, utilizing intercultural theories and concepts at the foundation. 

As a final semester project, students created digital stories to highlight their personal journey and intercultural growth….below are just a couple of the student stories:

Story 1: “The Power of Family-Daniella Malin, Santa Clara University

Story 2: "You Are Made of This...Jamie Hamerly, University of St. Thomas"





The Fall 2015 semester in the Business and Society Program has come to a close! Last Wednesday December 10th, we celebrated our end-of-semester cocktail for our Business and Society students.



This was a truly exceptional semester for Business and Society, full of enriching activities such as:

  • Internships in the field of companies Marketing, Consulting, Human Resources, Biotechnology and Tech Consulting.
  • Company visits such as: Basilippo, El Cubo, Inés Rosales and Polydesign System (Morocco)
  • Activities with local students (Global Discussions). Five “Global Discussions” have been organized thus far, with a participation of more than 75 local students
  • An incredible trip to Morocco. During this fieldtrip, students had the opportunity to experience the cultural, religious, social, and economic differences of the developing North African country. Before travelling, CIEE organized a mandatory session to prepare students for this trip to Africa. During the session students received information about business, economics, culture and safety in Morocco as well as information about the Business School, the company and the cities they visited that weekend.  


Moroccan friends

  • Volunteering: Business students participated in different volunteer programs collaborating as Cultural English Assistants at local schools.
  • Cultural Activities such as cooking, classes, tours, visits to the main monuments, excursions, etc.

Cooking class


Last Wednesday December 10th we celebrated our end-of-semester cocktail for our Business and Society Students.

Farewell party

We definitely hope our students learned a lot from this experience and will share it with their families and friends back home.  It has definitely been a wonderful semester.

I’d like to thank you for your continued support of the CIEE Business and Society Program.  If you have any questions or feedback on the program, please do not hesitate to contact the CIEE Staff. 

Warm Regards from Seville!

Virginia, Brittany and Antonio





The Fall 2015 semester in the LS Program has come to a close!  Students completed their final exams and the majority flew home the past Friday, December 11th.

This semester was filled with academic successes, gained cultural knowledge and skills and life-changing experiences.  At the end of the semester I asked students to reflect upon and check the gained skills as a result of their study abroad experience in the Seville LS program.  In additional to improved Spanish fluency, below are just a few of the outcomes that students say they have achieved as a result of their semester in Seville:

“They encouraged us to immerse ourselves directly with the environment of Sevilla and only did it for the betterment of ourselves and learning the language.”

“The program did a wonderful job of encouraging interaction with native Spanish speakers and the vocabulary class was helpful in learning about Spanish culture and society.”

“I expected to go back bilingual and have a native accent, and I quickly realized that was a very ambitious goal. As of now I think most of my effort will be in trying to not repeat the same mistakes in speech as well as talk at a pace more like a native.”

“I was pleased by the program and how well it integrated the students into the society.”

“I think I gained so much from this experience and Ciee was such a great help met my expectations!!”

Our LC students could enjoy our conversation classes which could help them to develop their speaking skills. They were pleased to attend one of the most interesting out of the class activities: The European Cinema Festival in Seville.




LC tandem project is one of the main activities that help our students to be integrated with Spaniards in the onsite culture. Our project was closed with a visit to the little Sierra town of Aracena. Images tell more than words:



Finally, our semester finished with a farewell cocktail which provided all of us with the opportunity to say goodbye to a marvelous semester in Seville.


CIEE team wishes this Fall experience pushed all their students to grow personally, academically and culturally.

Our best wishes for all their future projects.

LC Progam.


Composicion NewsletterBannerSeville686x101

And we reached the end … The last month of the program was especially intense for our students. They had their last classes, their essays due and finals. But they also enjoyed Sevilla in Autumn and their Interest Groups trips.


The Interest Group (IG) Cultural Expressions travelled to Northern Morocco. There students visited Tangiers, Tetuan and Chef Chaouen. What students enjoyed most of this trip was an encounter with Moroccan students of the Spanish Instituto Cervantes (the most important Spanish institution for teaching Spanish and promoting Spanish culture abroad). Chloe, one of the CIEE students in this IG, did a great video in which you can see a summary of the activities in which students participated in this trip.

The Sevilla and the Americas IG travelled to Lisbon, Portugal, where students enjoyed the local gastronomy and the most emblematic Portuguese music, the fado. Students visited the monuments that connect Spain, Portugal and the Americas. They also visited the most contemporary Lisbon and the Expo 98 grounds. They also went on an excursion to the fairy tale town of Sintra.

The Sports and Nature IG travelled to Madrid, where students learned about the life of the Spanish Olympic Athletes in a visit to the High Performance Training Center. The star activity of this trip was a visit to the Real Madrid soccer team Stadium.

Please, visit our Facebook to see photos of the Interest Groups and other events in which Liberal Arts students were involved!



On December 10th, just after the finals, we had our Farewell dinner. Liberal Arts students, professors and staff had the occasion of a last meeting before the departure of students. We hope that they had an enriching semester and that they will return someday to Sevilla.

Now, it is time to reflect on fall and get ready for an exciting spring semester, and enjoy a small rest!

We wish you and yours a happy vacation and peace and joy in the New Year.

All the best from Sevilla,

Jorge, Sergio and Olga



CABECERA Collage 1

Warm holiday greetings from Seville!!!  Although it may be hard to believe, we are quickly coming to the end of our Fall 2015 semester. And as the end of the year approaches, we want to thank you for choosing CIEE, Seville and our Advanced Liberal Arts program.

One more time we have had an excellent group of students: mature, independent and integrated into the Spanish university environment. We hope our students learnt a lot from this experience and share it with their families and friends back home.


We held party at a little restaurant in the city center, Claveles 69 which was attended by students, professors Spanish students (orientation guides, and staff). It was a nice opportunity to say “hasta pronto”.

Again, it has really been a pleasure to work jointly with our students because of their contribution through their experience to the University of Seville and University Pablo de Olavide.

We wish you very happy holidays and a wonderful New Year!


Felices Fiestas, CIEE Seville, ALA from José Luis on Vimeo.