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Bryce Ferendo (Indiana University-Bloomington) leads the way during one of the exercises of the Urban Photography Workshop at CICUS.

Dear friends,

As our Fall 2015 semester advances, all students of the Communication, New Media and Journalism program are fully involved in their academic projects and their social life in Seville. A visit to our Facebook page will give you an interesting glimpse into our dealings in and out of town. Little by little, we're reaching the busiest part of the semester, which means that there will be plenty to see and read in the coming weeks. Students are getting increasingly accustomed to working out of class, reaching into our community for stories, images and sounds. This is the time when all of the hard work done so far will start materializing into projects that will expand their and our experience of the world around us.

We’ve brought more students than ever from the University of Seville to participate for-credit in our core courses; a total of twelve are working with their CNMJ peers either in the New Media and Audiovisual Workshop or in the Magazine Reporting and Writing courses, which are hosted at the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla (CICUS), the contemporary culture hub of the University of Seville. CICUS is cohosting, and bringing closer to our students, two of Seville’s most important cultural events of the fall season, the Mes de Danza and the European Film Festival.

So far, motivation is high on all fronts. Seville is (finally!) starting to feel a little cooler, which can only increase our students' focus on their media projects and other academic tasks.

Some of our usual collaborators and some new ones have already participated in the different courses of the CNMJ program:

+  The video-artist María Cañas acted as guide and explained her own work, accompanied by professor Rubén Díaz, to students of the Digital and Visual Culture in Contemporary Spain course who visited the exhibition “Risas en la Oscuridad” at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Monasterio de la Cartuja. In this monographic retrospective, this Seville born exhilaratingly critical artist and activist confronts reality and collective imaginaries in radical and poignant ways.

+  Students of the course Metamorphosis of News and Media: from Gutenberg to Zuckerberg, participated in a discussion via Skype with Juan Luis Sánchez, editing director of one of Spain’s most influential online newspapers: The conversation included topics such as new digital journalism, new sustainable media formats, publicity, Spanish politics and challenges and opportunities in the horizon of present and future media professionals. The same class visited the newsroom of Diario de Sevilla where they met with their marketing manager, María José Vázquez Vargas.

Four young members of the Sahrawi League of Students at the University of Seville were invited to the course Magazine Reporting and Writing in order to be interviewed about the recent flooding that has badly affected the refugee camps of Tindouf, Argelia, where they grew up and where their families still live, as well as to share their views on the Western Sahara conflict and the role of the International Community, particularly that of Spain, France and the US.

+  Students of the course Urban Photography Workshop: the City from Within visited the photo gallery CoberturaPhoto.  

+  We’ve already published some of our students’ course projects in our Facebook page, including wonderful texts by Karen McConarty (Villanova University) and Laura Romero (University of Seville).

+  And don’t miss the way students of the Urban Photography Workshop course started their work at CICUS.

In addition to these academic activities, the weekend of October 22-25 all CNMJ students, except our two Academic Year Program students, Anna Spack and Skye Bellenis, went on our academic trip to Morocco accompanied by the professor of the Urban Photography Workshop, Antonio Pérez, and by CNMJ's RD. After spending one night in Algeciras at the Hotel Reina Cristina, in which the international dignitaries of the Algeciras Conference of 1906 stayed while deciding on the configuration of the Spanish and French Protectorates in Morocco, we embarked on a windy ferry crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar (see Annie Quigley's picture above) to arrived in Tangier. In this formerly international status city we visited the old medina, which includes the oldest diplomatic site of the U.S. Government and only National Heritage Site outside of US soil, the Tangier American Legation. We then spent two days in the town of Chefchaouen, in the Riff mountains, where CNMJ students were hosted by the families of local students and... yes... rode on dromedaries (not camels). During our last day in Morocco we visited the historic medina of Tetouan before crossing the Strait of Gibraltar again. It was a memorable experience for all.

If you haven't done it recently, I'd very much recommend you to visit our website of students projects,, which is updated each semester.

More news soon…


Óscar Ceballos