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6 posts from September 2014



NewsletterBannerSeville686x101 INMERSIÓN (225)

In this post in our blog we would like to share with you the main details of ALA program during this Fall semester.

27 students from 17 different institutions completed their orientation (academic issues, housing, health and safety, cultural activities, etc). They visited the city (monuments, restaurants, post offices, flamenco, etc) and  our two Universities here in Seville. We held different session in both places. Three Spanish students (Tourism, Nursing and Economics) colaborated activately with our program. ALA program dedicated the following weeks to individual and group academic appointments with our students in order to help them make a good selection of courses, offering the wisdom from our experience and the experience of previous program participants.La foto

During the third weekend we enjoyed our Language Immersion activities. We travelled to Sierra Norte, Sevilla, with our students and a group of 12 Spanish students from the University of Sevilla and Pablo de Olavide. The students practiced Spanish language in a variety of formats: one-to-one, hiking, group activities, and the bracelet game “Hablo español”, a cooking class and a class about Spanish wine. New language activities were suggested this time such as role play exercises.  Page

Being together in this rural aera, we had a "good idea": why not....


Just this week students started to visit the regular courses at the University. They are visiting course in different Departments (Human Nutrition, Biology, Economics, Tourism, Psychology, Philosophy, Literature, History, Art, Linguistic and Geography). Next week students will have to make their final decision about their university courses. These classes will be their greatest challenge. 

All the best from Seville

ALA staff




Santa Cruz

Hay muchas actividades en las próximas semanas. Apúntate en la página web

Si no puedes asistir a una actividad de la cual te has apuntado, debes mandar un email a Servicio al Estudiante ( / por lo menos 24 horas antes del evento para que no te cuente como una falta no justificada y para ofrecer tu plaza a otro estudiante.

Actividades para todos los programas – Septiembre

Barrio de Santa Cruz. Martes 23 a las 19h o viernes 26 a las 12h.

Leyendas de Triana. Miércoles 24 a las 19h o lunes 29 a las 16h.

La magia del Arenal. Jueves 25 a las 19h.

Senderismo Sierra de Huelva. Domingo 28 de Septiembre de 9 – 18h

Casa Pilatos. Lunes 29 de septiembre a las 16h y jueves 2 a las 16h




Photos by Antonio Pérez at Espacio Tramallol: (top) professor Carlos Pineda shows students' projects from the previous semester; (center left) Kyle Tizio, Alexandra Hernandez, Ellie Gebhardt and Krista Cipollone; (center right) professor Marina Blesa explains future projects of the new course "Social Justice, Action and Matter: Stories that Matter"; (bottom) general view of Espacio Tramallol during the presentation.

Dear friends,

All 19 students enrolled this fall 2014 semester in the Communication, New Media and Journalism program (CNMJ) arrived onsite on September 2nd sound, safe and eager to start their semester abroad. We're very pleased to be welcoming students from such prestigious institutions as Elon, Santa Clara, Villanova, Johns Hopkins and Clark Universities as well as from the Universities of Oregon, Colorado at Boulder, Iowa, Indiana-Bloomington, Scranton and Fordham.

Following a rather exhausting first week of onsite orientation, all students are now ending their two-week Intensive Session courses in Spanish or History. They're all tuning into their Spanish skills so that they can enjoy a most successful semester abroad. Feedback is so far positive on all sides, in spite of the heavy rain which –as fall has it– has accompanied us the last few days.

In order to introduce our wonderful an committed academic team, as well as to further discuss the program's academic components, our commitment towards our host community and the guiding principles of CNMJ's experiential learning projects, students, professors and collaborators gathered last Tuesday evening, September 9th, at Espacio Tramallol. This is an old warehouse located at the heart of old Seville, which has already become our second—or perhaps third—home. Students had a change to learn first hand about the social, political, culinary and cultural activities that take place in this unique hub of cotemporary Seville. This will be the first of the many events about which we will keep you posted during the next three months.

This semester we've further strengthen our links with the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla (CICUS), a first-rate cultural institution located at a 2-minute walk from the CIEE study center. In addition to continuing conducting CNMJ's core and elective courses at its media lab, the Spanish Skills in Context: Podcast Reporting Workshop course, taught by the media professional and educator Ruben Díaz, has become part of CICUS formative offer as a for-credit workshop for 6 students from the University of Seville, chosen out of a total of 25 applicants. They will be sharing course activities and media projects with the eight students from CNMJ enrolled in the course. 

Background_combined_newsletter_fall14_2Anna Spack (Clark University) introduces herself to peer students and professors. Photo A. Pérez

This fall 14 semester, we've also expanded the academic and experiential learning offer of the CNMJ program by creating a new course titled Social Justice, Action and Media: Stories that Matter, which is taught by the journalist and social activist Marina Blesa and will offer students the possibility of contributing to the creation and development of a radio station in conjunction with 15 to 17-year-old students of the Ramón Carande high school, an educational institution of great significance in helping students who live in Seville's Polígono Sur neighborhood escape marginalization and social exclusion. This new project is a big challenge for which we not only have the support of the high school professors and leadership but also of staff members at our study center.

As I always do, I'd like to encourage you to visit our website of student projects, in order to check amazing contributions from our students of the Spring 2014 semester in the areas of magazine, tv (audiovisual), podcast and photo reporting. There will be many more projects coming soon, as the students from your institutions start engaging with members of their host community while developing a wide variety of personal and academic skills: We trust that their endeavor will carry them well beyond all customized zones as they find areas of research and stories of true human interest.

Do not miss the opportunity to also "like" and start following our Facebook page for regular updates of he program's activities.

Let's wish all of our students and professors good luck.

Best regards from Seville.

Óscar Ceballos, CNMJ RD





The semester started with a Fall orientation. During five days students were guided by local leaders and their IRC, Helena Andrés, to make their transatlantic transition smoother. Informative sessions about health and safety, housing, activities and academics were presented to students together with some cross-cultural activities: goals meetings or visit to the Alcázar de Sevilla.


After orientation IBC students took their CIEE 2-week Spanish Intensive Course. This class helped our students to refresh their knowledge about the Spanish language and improve it, so they can also have a referent point to set them up into their later regular language course at their host university, the UPO. Some out of the class activities, like visiting the Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla or the Bullfighting Ring of La Real Maestranza de Sevilla, took place within their course too.

Last week their course was over and a new orientation was carried out early in the week, this time to present all academic and non academic information about the UPO to CIEE IBC and other institutions students. Among them: intercambios, sports and volunteering opportunities.

2014-08-29 10.12.51

As new! This semester our CIEE Spanish language teachers wrote a recommendation report about the progress and improvement made by every single student in their foreigner language to be shared with the Spanish teachers at the UPO. On this way, academic communication became more fluent and language levels were matched even more accurately. 

 During the rest of the week, and this current September days they are attending the classes they are interested in regardless they will finally register in them or not. Last date of add and drop, Friday, September 19th

More is coming! Visits to companies, day trips, overnight trip to Morocco, mid-term personal goals review interviews. Etc.

Ready to learn and enjoy?




Greetings from Seville

Language and Society Fall´14 semester started last week. Students participated in the orientation where we offered them several informative and practical sessions as academic and non academic; housing, health issues, or personal safety. Thanks to the guides (Carmen and Marta) students took part in activities such as eat “tapas” at typical Sevillian bars, attended a flamenco show or a tour around the their “barrios” and the city. They showed students the public transport, gyms, post office...

Orientation has continued along the first two weeks. CIEE has organized several optional orientations meetings regarding  “volunteer”, “ GLBTQ Student Experience”, “Seminar Living and Learning in Seville“, “ Non-Catholic Student Experience”, “Diversity”, or Intercambios meeting”.


During the first two Intensive Session weeks, students have taken “Intensive Advanced Spanish” class. They participated in activities which were included in this course; in pairs, each student should explore (on foot) the center of Seville (Plaza Nueva, Plaza San Francisco, Catedral, Reales Alcázares, Patio de los Naranjos y Barrio Santa Cruz). Later, the students will prepare a 5-10 minutes oral presentation about what they have learned and their interaction with other people. The class also visited the Encarnación Market. Through this course students will improve their ability to understand written and oral Spanish. This will allow them to be able to face the regular semester courses with more confidence.


Next week the students will begin the Regular Session and Language and Society program. This will provide students an understanding of Spanish culture through the language. It will be through several organized activities and trips as well as; “tandem project” (with Spanish students), tutorials and workshops, visits, Seminar on Learning on Living in Seville, trip to Morocco… In addition, there are many activities that Students Service department offers: trips, visit to typical places and monuments in Seville, volunteer, “intercambios” meetings… 


Again, this semester the content classes (CIEE and Cursos para Extranjeros) will be held at the Facultad de Filología (University of Seville), very close to the CIEE

I hope that it will be an unforgettable experience and that all of the students will be able to reach the objectives and goals that they set for themselves this semester in Seville. 




Arrival Report


The Business and Society students arrived safely and they seem to be very enthusiastic about the idea of enjoying this experience.


After the three days orientation session, with the informative sessions about academics, housing, safety and activities, students had the chance of visiting the Alcazar, one of the most representative monumental compounds in the city, the country and the Mediterranean culture as a whole. Students enjoyed a flamenco show


The session began on Monday and the students enjoyed the Spanish for Business Students class, which is designed to help students prepare for their experiences in their classes by increasing listening and comprehension skills and building vocabulary.


6 out of 22 students (27.27%) applied for an internship in a local company. Even though we were following up with companies regarding numbers we had 17 companies interested on hosting one of our students. Due to this low number of students we decided not celebrating the Internship Forum and having individual interviews at companies’ offices instead. During the end of this week and the beginning of next week all of our internship students will have an internship.

Students also attended a preparatory session for the internships where the Internship Coordinator provided them with in-depth information about the companies participating in the program and some tips about dress code, greeting, speaking, etc.

This year, the internship at Telefonica will be at the “El Cubo Building” in the Proyecto Andalucia Open Future. A public-private project in which Telefonica de España is investing 9M Euros to help new local entrepreneurs and Start Ups. Students already had interviews with the Director of this project and we are still waiting for Telefonica’s decision about the student or students who will be interning there this semester.