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2 posts from August 2014


Language and Culture, Newsletter, Summer 2014, Issue III


Queridos advisors

The third and final summer session came to an end. This session went completely smooth and calm. End-of-July and August in Seville this year has been absolutely wonderful, with below-averaged temperatures in the city.


In session three the students were able to get to know some of the most interesting places in Andalusia. They went to visit the wonderful “white town” of Arcos de la Frontera (The town gained its name by being the frontier of Spain's 13th century battle with the Moors) and after that they enjoyed some free time at the beach.

For the overnight trip, the students got to know Malaga. There they visited the Picasso Museum, the palatial fortification named The Alcazaba and walked through its charming streets. On the second day they visited Nerja and its beautiful cave. The students went to the beach in this trip as Malaga and Nerja have their own one.


During the third session, CIEE also organized a photo scavenger hunt, two cooking classes and a pool activity for the students, all of these were in additional to the regular cultural activities within the city that happened during each week.

Legado Quijote

All students participated in the ICE trip and they went to Paris, Barcelona, or London.


As in previous sessions, students participated actively in the Actividades de Apoyo Lingüístico (AAL). These are fun activities led by local students and they do different activities like going to an outdoor concert, taste-testing sushi, and many others. In these activities locals are invited to assist so that our participants can meet people from Seville.
The Residence Hall where students lived in this session organized an activity each week for the students. Local students also participated in these activities. Students had a good time and they thoroughly enjoyed the barbecue and the paella activities.


We’ve already started to plan next summer to give the future students the good time they deserve!

¡Saludos consejeros!


La joya del sur

This post is by Todd Schreiber, an Art first major at University of Oregon. During the Spring 2014 semester he was participating in the the CIEE Liberal Arts program.


I like to refer to Sevilla as “la joya del sur.” Any tourist is able to experience the wonders that Sevilla has to offer:  the beautiful Guadalquivir river, the breathtaking examples of Mudéjar architecture like La Giralda and El Real Alcázar, and simply the casual, traditional atmosphere of Andalusia. However, as a student who studied in Sevilla for 4 months, the experience that made my trip so unforgettable was the opportunity I had to speak and practice my Spanish. Feeling bilingual, even for a single conversation, is a sensational feeling. Although rough at first, gradually being able to talk to your host family, your teachers, strangers on the street, and eventually Spaniards your own age is a blessing. You’re able tell stories, tell jokes, and become friends with people that you would never have known if not for learning another language. Speaking Spanish was my favorite part of my stay in Sevilla because it allowed people that would otherwise be strangers, to instead be friends.