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11 posts from May 2014


Seville IBC, Spring 2014, Issue III

Seville IBC End of Semester Report

The second half of the semester went very well! They were a wonderful group of students and a great group to work with. We celebrated their semester in Seville in El Parque del Prado. Here are few photos from the IBC program farewell:


 (Left to right) Morgan Boydston-University of Colorado Boulder; Emily Clearly and Bernie Gershenson-Penn State University; Marisol Pallares-University Pablo de Olavide; Natalie Geer-University of Colorado Boulder



(Left to right) Leah Alcaraz-St.Mary´s College of California; Victoria DeCesare-Penn State University; Ana Vereen and Christa Lewis-University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; Briana Denham-University of Texas at Austin; Christine Hadfield-Keene State College; Abbie Kinchloe-University of Minnesota Twin Cities


(Left to right) Summer West-University of Colorado Boulder; August Thiede-University of Wisconsin Milwaukee; Christine Hadfield-Keene State College; Laura O´brien-Penn State University; Jessi Benveniste-University of Oregon; Samantha Caen-Cornell University


(Left to right) Ignacio Muñiz and Ricardo Mellado- University Pablo de Olavide; Jake Simon-Penn State University



Immersion Trip to Morocco

As tends to be the case, the immersion trip to Morocco that took place in April was one of the highlights of the semester for students. 


Joshua Townsend, from Ohio Wesleyan University, chatting with one of the Morocccan students that spoke with us about Moroccan women´s role in local society.


We visited the NGO, Hope for Salé, an organization supported by Morocco Exchange dedicated to providing school-age children with educational opportunities as well as training programs for youth and adults.


Taking a break at the Chellah Roman Ruins in Rabat.


Roman Ruins at Chellah.


Emily Deyo-Elon University;  Sarah Mogill-Penn State University and Blair Grundfest-University of Texas at AustinStudents with their host mother


We visited a family in the Rif Mountains who graciously prepared a cous-cous lunch for all. Following lunch we chatted with the family about life in the small, rural town.


Aaron Jones, Pennsylvania State University, sharing some time with the family´s 6 year old son.


Host preparing traditional Moroccan mint tea


Hayley Berg, Miami University, with host´s 2 year old daughter.


Beautiful view of the countryside

Intercambio Activities

The group Intercambio activities were another semester highlight for students.  Activities were limited to small groups of IBC students and an accompanying Spanish Intercambio. Activities ranged from laugh therapy to Holy Week cooking class and ended with a kayaking excursion down the Guadalquivir River.

Shore shot

Group shot_river

Kayak group




Kayak sunset

IBC Intercultural Communication in Context Course

The Intercultural Communication in Context Course was very successful this semester! It´s always a joy to see how students progress in their intercultural development and most importantly that they are able to articulate what they have learned and how the skills can be used in the future.



El voluntariado en Sevilla

This post is by Ashley Lee, an Early Childhood Education Major at The University of Texas at Austin. During the Spring 2014 semester she is participating in the CIEE Liberal Arts program. 


Cuando descubrí que había una opción para hacer un voluntariado aquí en Sevilla, estuve muy emocionada porque quería saber las diferencias entre el voluntariado en los EEUU y España. No sabía si yo tendría bastante tiempo libre durante mi semestre en Sevilla para hacer un voluntariado, pero todavía decidí hacerlo cuando Nancy nos mandó un email con las opciones de los lugares que podemos ofrecer nuestra ayuda. Sin embargo, como he descubierto, con la cantidad de tiempo libre que tienes en Sevilla, haciendo un voluntariado mientras estás en el extranjero es muy manejable. 

Estoy haciendo mi voluntariado con la organización "Entre Amigos" de Sevilla. Cada semana, trabajo con estudiantes jóvenes en un instituto en el barrio de las "Tres Mil Viviendas". Me encanta trabajando aquí. Como una voluntaria en un barrio de mucha pobreza en Austin, TX, he encontrado muchas semejanzas entre la sociedad de los EEUU y España en el hecho de que puedes conducir solo veinte minutos fuera de la ciudad y encontrarás la pobreza extrema. Esta separación es algo que existe en ciudades alrededor del mundo y es muy triste pero podemos cambiar esto. Recomiendo que un estudiante viviendo en el extranjero haga un voluntariado porque he aprendido mucho de la sociedad de Sevilla y del mundo, he recibido la mejor práctica para mi español por ayudando los estudiantes con sus tareas de inglés, y he hecho una diferencia en la gran ciudad de Sevilla. Para personas que no saben si deben hacer un voluntariado, diría que siempre hay tiempo para ayudar a las personas del mundo! Y como dice una cita de la página Web de la Asociación Entre Amigos, ¡<<Un poco de tu tiempo es mucho para los demás>>!




En Spring 2014 hemos tenido una actividad opcional de alfarería para que los estudiantes de Liberal Arts aprendieran de “primera mano” uno de los tradiciones más características de la artesanía Sevilla, la alfarería. Los participantes tuvieron la oportunidad de aprender cómo pintar un azulejo y crear su propia obra de arte de cerámica sevillana.






Last Wednesday April 30th, we celebrated our end-of-semester cocktail for our Business and Society students. It was definitely a wonderful evening where we had the opportunity to congratulate some of our Business and Society students for participating in our CIEE Spring 2014 Contests. We would like to congratulate Camila Alvarez (Trinity University) under the best photo category and Paul Gilson (Indiana University) under the best video category.  Also, we would like to congratulate Sharita Williams (Loyola University of New Orleans) and Tara Trombetta (Indiana University) and Jessica Moore (University of Wisconsin-Madison) for their great pictures and videos.  

Please, visit our Facebook page to see the whole contest photos and videos.



This was a truly exceptional semester for Business and Society, full of enriching activities such as company visits, academic exchange seminars focusing on current issues in business; an incredible trip to Morocco; internships with 19 local companies, company visits and several activities with local students. The CIEE and the Spanish students enrolled in the course Global Business Skills Workshop and the Moroccan students enjoyed the Connecting 3 Cultures activities. All of them participate in intercultural negotiation activities and in a wide variety of cultural activities that were organized to further expose our students to Moroccan culture and Ibero-Moroccan relations. All the students were invited although only a few of them join the group.



We definitely hope our students learned a lot from this experience and will share it with their families and friends back home.  It has definitely been a wonderful semester.

I’d like to thank you for your continued support of the CIEE Business and Society Program.  If you have any questions or feedback on the program, please do not hesitate to contact the CIEE Staff. 

Warm Regards from Seville!

Virginia, Brittany and Antonio




Blog CIEE Farewell


Last week, the Spring 2014 semester finished for most students and we celebrated the end of the final exams during the farewell party. Only those who registered for a direct enrollment course at Universidad de Sevilla will enjoy at least one more month in Sevilla.


CIEE continues to pursue the academic excellence in our courses, which is illustrated in the quality of the out-of-class activities that CIEE classes offer.

For instance, the students of the course Spanish for the Health Professions had the opportunity to visit the Hospital Virgen Macarena, the second largest public hospital in Sevilla, where they attended several visits of patients to the ophthalmic consulting room, spoke to doctors and even witnessed an eye surgery. 

Hospital 2


Also, students in the class Anthropology of Sports visited Cadena Ser, the first radio station in Spain, to learn about sports and the media. There, students talked to sports journalists and recorded in the studio the sports news that they had created prior to their visit. You can listen to it here!



In the last part of the program, students had the opportunity to experience firsthand the two most important cultural and social events in Sevilla, Semana Santa y Feria. Before these two events, students learnt their basics both in class and through practical tours. 

Ruta feria

At the beginning of April, the eight Interest Groups enjoyed their weekend trips. These journeys are really special because far from being touristy, they connect all the previous thematic activities of each group with the landscapes, culture, gastronomy and traditions of a particular place such as Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca or Salamanca in Spain and with our neighbors in Lisbon, Porto and Morocco.

We wish you a fantastic Spring term ending and a happy Summer. Please follow us in Facebook where we will give updates on your students’ experiences and on what is going on in Sevilla!


This post is by Danielle Carolei, an Animal Sciences Major student at Cornell University. During the Spring 2014 semester she is participating in the CIEE Language and Society program.


Sevilla está llena de sitios hermosos. En casi cada calle hay árboles de naranjas y edificios bonitos. Es una ciudad especial y durante mi semestre aquí he desarrollado un gran aprecio por la belleza y tranquilidad de la ciudad. Su belleza no está olvidada para sus ciudadanos tampoco.

Por ejemplo, a mi intercambio, Juan, le gusta mucho la Plaza de España. Para él es el sitio más bonito de toda Sevilla. Le fascina la iluminación y el efecto de la luz en la Plaza. Hay partes de la Plaza donde la luz hace que los azulejos brillen con colores magníficos. También le interesa que haya jardines bonitos al lado de la Plaza. Mi madre española está de acuerdo con mi intercambio, pero es su lugar favorito por otras razones. Adora las flores, los colores y la vivacidad de la Plaza. Piensa que la Plaza es un monumento alegre en contraste con otros monumentos en la ciudad que tienen sentimientos tristes.

A mí me gusta la Plaza de España, pero mi sitio favorito es el río Guadalquivir. Me encanta correr en el camino por el río y ver las vistas como la Torre del Oro y el puente de Triana. Además, me gusta el ambiente. El río es un lugar muy tranquilo. No hay mucho ruido y es un lugar feliz. Todo el tiempo hay gente que pasa un buen rato y ellos son felices. Me alegra que normalmente haya brisa. Es perfecto para correr o pasar tiempo con tus amigos. Cuando estoy corriendo, me divierte mirar a la gente que está pasando tiempo junto al río.

Aunque el río es mi lugar favorito, hay mucho más sobre Sevilla que me gusta. Me parece que toda la gente es feliz. A pesar de que hay mucho paro, todo el tiempo ellos tienen sonrisas y están con sus amigos o su familia. Es una ciudad de júbilo. Además, me alegra que haga sol casi todos los días. El significado del símbolo NO DO es correcto. Parte de mi corazón va a quedarse en Sevilla. Siempre voy a recordar este semestre, los lugares que he visitado, los amigos que he conocido y los recuerdos que he hecho durante estos meses.





During the last month, all CIEE courses continued to offer several visits and activities which were link to the topics of the classes.

In the “Language Skills and Conversation”; Professor took the group to Triana to take a 90 minute "sevillanas" class in preparation for Feria. It has been one of the conversation topics of the class. This was a great opportunity to "live" culture outside the class. They took advantage of this time, and learned the basic knowledge about the typical Sevillana dance.

“Gastronomy of Spain” class visited the Castle of San Jorge and Triana Market. They visited the remains of the original Spanish Inquisition site located in the foundation of one of the most popular food market in the city. Tthey took a walk through the different stalls inside the market. Also, this class had different practical lesson such as tasting of spices, products from the Iberian pig and wine. Another visit in this class was to the oldest and the newest markets in Seville (“Mercado de la Calle Feria” ; a nineteenth century traditional bulding)  and “Mercado Metropol Parasol” (Las Setas).

Students in the “Spanish Culture and Civilization” class visited the “Barrio de Santa Cruz” and “Antigua Judería”, “Casa de Pilatos”.

“Seminar on Learning and Living in Seville” offered the Conference “Semana Santa in Seville” by the professor Ángel de Quinta. Through this conference students were able to get a better understanding of one of most traditional event of the Spanish (and Sevillian) Culture.

The CRL “Centro de Recursos Lingüístico” offered extra help through the tutors and activities such as the workshop “Don’t let prepositions get you down!” (use of Spanish prepositions). It was taught by three tutors (with the supervision of the CRL coordinator). Also the CRL carried out the workshop “Jeopardy of Pronouns”. This time, two language tutors taught the workshop along with the CRL coordinator. The main goal is to help students improve their language skills.

Also students took part in activities offered through Students Services; visit to the “Arena, Triana, Santa Cruz barrios”, Convents of Seville, hiking, Aracena, Semana Santa tour, Feria tour, Seville of Cervantes, Seville and the opera, Seville and the flamenco. Some activities were Aquarelle workshop, cinema club, etc.

Language and Society students and three intercambios attended the program overnight trip. They spent a long weekend in Córdoba and Granada with a number of visits and also free time to explore the city. All of the students took part in this trip. It was a great success. The evaluations were positive.


Some Language and Society students shared their experiences through this blog: “Cómo ha cambiado mi vida en España”, “Intercambio Lingüístico-Cultural”, “Córdoba-Granada” and “Seville”.

During the last week, students took both CIEE and Cursos para Extranjeros final exams. Also, students completed 100% of courses/professors, housing and program evaluations. Their feedback will help us to improve some aspects offered in the program.

Last Wednesday the Language and Society students and professors had a meeting in the “terraza Epheta” (within the Prado Park), to say our goodbyes, exchange addresses, and take some final pictures.

I feel the students seem to be delighted with their experience in Seville.




Photos by Antonio Pérez: (top) Eleanor MacDonnald, from the University of Iowa, on screen; (bottom) Emily Young from Carthage College watching projects by her  peers.

Dear friends,

As we've just finished the Spring 2014 semester, the professors and resident director of the Communication, New Media and Journalism program feel quite proud of all of the students who’ve shared their endeavors and experiences with us during the past few months in Seville.

All of them have completed their end-of-semester projects in time, which never ceases to be a challenging task. The 22nd edition of the magazine más+menos, titled Entre Bastidors / Behind the Scenes and of which you will be receiving hard copies at your office soon, came out of the printer days before the end of the semester. The students of the Magazine Reporting and Writing course, who have created the articles, have paid very special attention in this issue to the contrast between various public and private spheres in which human endeavor is eloquently visible. As always, they've explored our local community to find the stories that form part of the magazine and have made connections that will increase our reciprocal exchanges with the people of Seville.

Likewise, you can visit our website of students' projects, más+menos, to see and listen to those created by students of the courses Spanish Skills in Context: Podcast Reporting, New Media and Audiovisual Workshop and Urban Photography Workshop, who also reflected upon their closest environment and created truly interesting projects featuring individuals and atmospheres of our community as well as themselves.

The Spring semester of 2014 has been full of activities: we visited Europe's oldest city, Cádiz, in February; at the beginning of March, we spent three days in the Moroccan town of Chefchaouen, which was challenged by weather conditions as we crossed the Strait of Gibraltar both ways and included a workshop on the photographic memory of this beautiful town located in the Rif mountains. We shared this experience with local students, who also hosted us at their family homes; at end of April, many students participated in the Zemos98 Media Festival and even met some of the artists participating in it, as it is the case of the rappers Mohammed Achgaf and Rafael Fonollás (see Amanda Melkonian's article, Tangier's Voice).

In addition to many historic and cultural sites, students also visited the newsroom of the newspapers¡ El Correo de Andalucía, the recording studios of Radio Nacional de España, the Delimbo art space, the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo or the graffiti walls doted along the Gualdalquivir river. We also invited artists, social activists, journalists and other relevant members of the community to our classes so that they could share their knowledge and experience with our students and us.

In order to celebrate the end the semester, we held a public event-party at the space of the Tramallol Cooperative, which was attended by students, professors and some of our local friends. You can see a collection of pics at our Facebook page CNMJ CIEE SEVILLE or at our Flickr page.

We're happy to say that through their work and activities, most of our students have once again helped us expand our network of friends in Seville, as they've become a useful knot within this community. Their interactions of this semester will prove useful both for other students in the future and for our academic team.

We will all keep working hard in order to maintain the Communication, New Media and Journalism program as a meaningful option for students in the fields of Communications, Visual Arts, New Media and Journalism as it is our desire to help more students from your institutions connect in the future with Seville’s academic, cultural and social life.

Following with this endeavor, we have created a new course for the coming Fall 2014 semester, titled Social Justice, Action and Media: Stories that Matter, in which its students will, amongst other activities, help students from the local high school Ramón Carande foster their social inclusion by collaborating with them in the development of a digital radio station.

Best wishes from a very warm Spring in Seville!

Óscar Ceballos


This post is by Alexis Smith, an Anthropology Major student at Harvard University. During the Spring 2014 semester she is participating in the CIEE Language and Society program.


Lo mejor de Sevilla no está en una "lista de cosas para hacer en Sevilla" para los extranjeros. Desde que llegué a Sevilla y hablé con los sevillanos, parece que Sevilla es una ciudad con muchísimos sitios bonitos y famosos (con razón) para visitar y ver, pero también hay lugares y actividades que no sabe la persona, o extranjero, corriente. Esta semana tuve la oportunidad de hablar con dos sevillanos -un hombre y un chico- para saber las cosas que les gustan de Sevilla.

Al principio cuando hablé con mi padre español, él tenía prisa y sólo me dijo unas pocas cosas, pero cuando empezó a hablar de Sevilla y los sitios que le interesa visitar, sus obligaciones se le olvidaron. A él le encantan las barcas de pedales en el río Guadalquivir. Le gusta que las barcas le permitan sentir "la Sevilla que no puedes ver en otro sitio." Además, le apasiona andar por el medio de la calle “Trabajo” en Triana porque esta calle tiene una vista preciosa de la Giralda. Sus cosas favoritas para hacer no son sólo sitios o cosas tangibles. Por ejemplo, le entusiasma pasear por un patio sevillano en el barrio de Santa Cruz para oír la música flamenca porque "el ambiente es una sensación muy bonita." Hablamos de un montón de actividades y sitios en Sevilla. Muchos de estos debo hacerlos en mis últimos días aquí. Según él, es necesario explorar Sevilla y el barrio de Triana porque "la vista que tiene Triana no la tiene Sevilla" y viceversa. Mi otra conversación fue con un amigo joven de Sevilla, Miguel. A él le encanta la naturaleza. Por eso, le gusta pasear por el Parque de María Luisa. Le gusta que estos sitos tengan mucho espacio abierto. Por otra parte, le pone contento el Parque del Alamillo. Finalmente, como casi todo el mundo, está ilusionado de pasar un rato cerca del río. 

Por mi parte, me divierte explorar los barrios diferentes (especialmente cuando hace buen tiempo). Además, me apasionan los jardines de Casa de Pilatos y el Alcázar. Me fascinan mis paseos por el Parque de Maria Luisa y la belleza de las vistas de la Giralda, cuando regrese a los EEUU sé que voy a echar de menos el ambiente de esta ciudad -un ambiente lleno de energía, tradiciones y la gente amable (como mi familia).- Para siempre Sevilla va a tener un trozo de mi corazón.






Almost at the end of the semester TD students collaborated in a community engagement project. It took place in a school located near downtown. The local students belong to a low social class with familiar and economic environment which is not very positive. 

We created an "activities day" in the school where the TD students prepared a couple of games, outside the class, instructed in English. Two primary classes participated.





And...they got some prizes!



We all had a great time and the school really apreciated our iniciative.


I wish all my TD students the best in life and I sure it will be so as they had a have great heart and enthusiasm.

Thank you so much Carly, Natalie, Makenna, Britta, and Chelsea for participating in the program and made making it unique!


¡Un fuerte abrazo chicas!