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7 posts from January 2014


language + society, spring 2014, issue I


Greetings from Seville

 Language and Society Spring´14 semester started last week.

During the orientation, students participated in information sessions, such as Academic environment, Housing, Extra academic activities, Health issues and insurance or Personal safety. Orientation guides helped students take part in different activities (eat tapas at typical Sevillian bars or attending a flamenco show) and they also showed students  public transport, gyms, post office... by means of a tour around the city. In addition to these activities, CIEE has organized several optional orientations meetings such as “The Non-Catholic Student Experience”, “The GLBTQ Student Experience”, ” Volunteer”, “Racial Diverstiy”, “Intercambios meeting” or “Seminar Living and Learning in Seville.


During the tour around the city

After five days of orientation, the group began the Intensive session on Monday 20. Students were divided into two levels for the intensive classes. Through this course students will improve their ability to understand written and oral Spanish. This will allow them to be able to face the regular semester courses with more confidence.


Students eating “tapas” in a bar

During the Intensive Session class, students have four out of class activities. Last week, they visited the outdoor market (calle Feria, Jueves...) and had the activity “Getting to know Seville”. This week students are visiting the University and the Casino de la Exposición (Contemporary Art).

Next week the students will start the Regular Session. During this Session, the program will provide an understanding of Spanish culture, through the language. There are several opportunities which the program offers such as “tandem project” (with Spanish students), tutorials, workshops, visits, Seminar on Learning on Living in Seville…The content classes will be held at the Facultad de Filología (University of Seville), very close to the CIEE Study Center. Also, students will take content course through Cursos para Extranjeros and they will be able to meet Spanish students and other foreign students in the University.  

At the same time, there are many activities that Students Service department offers: trips, visit to typical places and monuments in Seville, volunteer, “intercambios” meetings… I will explain and list these activities in my next report.


winter international business (seville + rabat) newsletter



Greetings from Seville

Last Friday, we celebrated our end-of-semester dinner for our International Business Seville+Rabat students.

It was definitely a wonderful evening where we had the opportunity to share some of the exciting experiences lived in Spain and Morocco.

This was a truly exceptional winter session, full of enriching activities.

List of the main activities in Spain:

  • Company visit - Biomedal
  • Company visit - Xtraice
  • Compan visit - Basilippo
  • Lecture - Flamenco in Andalusia: Culture, Language, Music, and Dance
  • Lecture - The Close Historic and Cultural Links between North Africa and Southern Spain
  • Lecture - Doing Business in Africa. Morocco. Protocol and Negotiation Styles in Morocco
  • Lecture -: Doing Business in Africa II. Stereotypes and cultural values to take into consideration
  • Spanish Cooking class
  • Free time with Spanish students
  • Culture visit - Alcazar
  • Culture visit - Catedral and Giralda
  • Culture visit - Plaza de Esaña
  • Visit to Cordoba


In Morocco, students had the opportunity to enjoy the following activities:

  • Trip to Tangier
  • Trip to Ashila
  • Company Visit – Larinor 
  • Moroccan Cooking class 
  • Free time with Moroccan students
  • Ceramic workshop in Oulja, small town devoted to the craft of ceramics 
  • Lunch at the Organic Farm and Botanic Garden of Zinneb Ben Rahmoun, President of the Association Marroc Nature Et Culture of Agro-tourism 
  • Tea Lecture - Gender issues in Morocco 
  • Tea Lecture - Comparisons of the Koran, the Torah, and the Bible; and their impact on the culture
  • Visit to The medrassa Ben Youssef, the most beautiful old Coranic School 
  • Visit to the town of Ouezzane, a place of pilgrimage for Moroccan Jews 
  • The art and history of Henna 
  • Group Dinner and Recital of Andalusi Music and PoetryTrip to Chaefchaouen

I’d like to thank you for your continued support of the CIEE programs.

Jaime Ramirez, Center Director.


Communication, New Media + Journalism Newsletter / Spring 14 / Issue I


Photos by Jack Grubman and Antonio Pérez

Dear friends,

All students of the Spring 2014 semester at the Communication, New Media and Journalism program (CNMJ) arrived onsite last January 14th sound, safe and eager to start their semester abroad. This semester we have 26 students with us, our largest number since our program started in the Fall semester of 2011.

Following a rather exhausting first week of orientation, all students are now working on their courses of the Intensive Session and tuning into their Spanish skills so that they can enjoy a most successful semester abroad. At the CNMJ program, we're all certain of our students' desire to do their very best both academically and personally while in Seville.

In order to introduce our wonderful an committed academic team, to explain the basic components of the program and the guiding principles of the CNMj program, we gathered last Tuesday evening, January 21st, with our students, local friends and regular collaborators at Espacio Tramallol, the old artistic warehouse located at the heart of old Seville, which has already become our second—or perhaps third—home.  This is the first of a series of events about which we hope to keep you all posted during the next three months.

This semester we've further strengthen our links with the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla (CICUS) to which media lab we're taking all of our core and elective courses, located at a mere 2-minute walk from the CIEE study center.

Though most importantly, if you haven't done it yet, please visit our website of student projects, in order to check amazing contributions from our students of the Fall 2013 semester in the areas of magazine, tv (audiovisual), podcast and photo reporting. 

Take a look for instance at the final project realized by Kathryn Boyd-Batstone (University of Oregon) for the course New Media and Audiovisual Workshop (below), titled "Ángeles":


There will be many more projects coming soon, as our students of the Spring 2014 semester start engaging with our community and using their skills to create media projects that will portray the life of its individuals as it is, beyond recurrent topics or common places.

We want to wish them all good luck. Be certain that our academic team and collaborators will do their best to help them as much as they can. We will surely learn from them as much as they're hopefully going to learn from us... if not more.

Best wishes from a rainy Seville.

Óscar Ceballos, CNMJ RD





The Advanced Liberal Arts students arrived safely and they seem to be very enthusiastic about the idea of enjoying this experience.


After the three days orientation session, with the informative sessions about academics, housing, safety and activities, students had the chance of visiting local universities facilities and the Alcazar, one of the most representative monumental compounds in the city, the country and the Mediterranean culture as a whole.  


The session began on Monday and the students enjoyed the Social History of Contemporary Spain class, which is designed to help students understand the local culture and traditions.

Along this week students have had meetings with program coordinators to receive all of the information about local universities and to help them navigate their websites, so that they can find calendars, schedules, syllabus, etc.


CIEE Seville Business and Society program 2014, Issue I



The Business and Society students arrived safely and they seem to be very enthusiastic about the idea of enjoying this experience.


After the three days orientation session, with the informative sessions about academics, housing, safety and activities, students had the chance of visiting the Alcazar, one of the most representative monumental compounds in the city, the country and the Mediterranean culture as a whole.  



The session began on Monday and the students enjoyed the Spanish for Business Students class, which is designed to help students prepare for their experiences in their classes by increasing listening and comprehension skills and building vocabulary.

Along this week students participated in the prep-session for the Internship Forum. A total of 20 internship students attended the “Preparatory Session for the Internship Program” where they received general information about the economic situation in Spain and specifically in Seville as well as in-depth information about the companies participating in the internship program and some tips about dress code, greeting, speaking, etc.


CIEE Seville IBC Spring 2014, Issue I


New Year Greetings from Seville, Spain

Winter greetings from Seville! The Seville IBC Spring 2014 semester is off to a start, with students arriving approximately 2 weeks ago.  Although a few had flight delays due to the “deep freeze” in the U.S., all eventually arrived and were able to join the orientation activities.


As flight delays were inevitable due to the weather conditions, students first day was somewhat light, consisting of an afternoon coffee meet and greet in small groups with their orientation guides.  Students spent the rest of the day settling into their new homes and spending time with their Spanish families.

Students were up bright and early the following day for orientation sessions on academics and housing.  Sessions were held on the UPO campus followed by a tour with UPO Spanish students.

The remaining days were filled with group dinners and additional orientation sessions, covering diversity in Spain, health and safety and excursions and social activities.

Intensive Spanish Session

Students are finishing up their two week intensive Spanish Course which was held in the CIEE Study Center.  Although students are finding it intense (with four hours of class and activities per day) students´ Spanish improvement has been quite notable even in this short period of time.   It has been wonderful to see students´ determination to speak Spanish, including the students who came with no Spanish language experience.

Student in the Intermediate II course visited the city of Carmona.  Each student created a blog and podcast of the experience.

2014-01-20 10.51.06 (1)

2014-01-20 10.55.53


Students will revisit the UPO next Tuesday for an orientation of the University Pablo de Olavide, with classes beginning the next day. 







From left to right: Chelsea W. (University of Iowa), Britta B. (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee), Makenna S. (University of Missouri - Columbia), Carly R. (Moravian College) and Natalie C. (Portland State University)



A few days ago, the Teaching Development students started their new lives in Seville. They landed safely in the city where they will spend the four upcoming months. Although the weather has been cold and rainy lately the TD students do not erase the smile off their faces.

Just after their arrival, several days of interesting meetings related to health, security, housing, activities and academics were held in the “palacio”. Last Friday they registered for their classes and they seem happy with their decisions.

They have been walking around the city and having some fun with Rafa de la Torre, our excellent orientation guide.





The intensive session started this week; all students were placed in an intensive Spanish class for two weeks where they will learn a lot and refresh their Spanish skills so that they are ready to begin a successful regular session.



The new semester opened the door to welcome the new TD students and I am sure they will experience an incredible semester accompanied with the CIEE staff throughout the way.


Regards from Seville...