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6 posts from June 2013




Today is the last day for Session 2 students in Seville, Spain. As the temperature is rising, scheduled to hit 100 this weekend, they have had a great time with Spanish students at the gardens and swimming pools of the city. These activities are organized by the apoyos lingüísticos, planned by Spanish students to give CIEE students the opportunity to get to know the city and improve their language skills. Spanish students accompany the Ciee group to these events. They have enjoyed visits to soccer stadiums, salsa lessons, tennis games, paddle boating at the river, panoramic views of the city from the new building Metropol Parasol

Students are very satisfied with their experience in Seville, especially with their homestays. They had a chance to taste traditional meals. They have also participated in trips around Andalucia, to Aracena, Córdoba, Cádiz and Granada. They have had the opportunity to learn more about Spanish civilization, in the oldest cities in Western Europe, and also to enjoy the views of the Straits of Gibraltar and the African coast from the beaches, ruins and sand dunes of Bolonia.

With regard to classes, they have completed their language and content courses on history, literature, public health, etc. 

This week we are welcoming the new Session 3 students and the COMBO participants from Prague and Paris. We are all very excited about the upcoming activities and experiences.

Aracena LC1




Students went to some of the most interesting places in the Andalusian region, such as Córdoba, with its beautiful mosque and synagogue; Cadiz and Bolonia, the most ancient city in Western Europe, built up by the  Phoenicians and home of many roman ruins (Baelo Claudia) and beautiful beaches; and Aracena, home of the “Grotto of the Marvels”.


Baelo Claudia in Bolonia, Cádiz

Córdoba street




“Negotiation Across Cultures Session” 

Our summer interns were invited by University of Seville to participate in a session on “Negotiation Across Cultures” led by Jimena Y. Ramirez-Marin, currently professor at the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University). This session was designed by the University of Seville in collaboration with ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal). The CIEE students and 20 students from  ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon attended the session and participated in an activity where they had to play the role of an American company (CIEE Students) and a Mexican Company (Spanish students) negotiating the future of their joint venture.



Company visit to Sevilla F.C. SAD

The Summer Internship students visited Sevilla F.C. SAD, a first-division Spanish-league soccer team in Seville.  Seville FC, best team award in Andalusia for sports in  2007, has taken advantage of some outstanding results recorded across Europe in recent years to see itself as a business and to exploit the commercial potential of its ‘brand’ with its vast and varied fan base. 

Sin título
During our visit, students enjoyed a nice tour and an interesting speech about the brand in the sport world offered by Jesús Arroyo, Seville FC SAD Legal Advisor.

Sin título 2
Sin título3


Advanced Liberal Arts. Finishing our semester


We are in June, and we are fishing our semester. This Friday ALA students will be finishing their courses atUniversidad de Sevilla  and Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Next week they will enter into the period of exams, papers, nerves and fears. They know they have our support and help, and we are confident that exams will go for students at the "sevillanas" Universities. 

Two weeks ago we had our end of semester party. This semester we wanted to do something special, something more than a celebraty dinner. On May, 23rd we went to the Teatro Central to enjoy a Flamenco performance by Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía  interpreting Federico García Lorca's poem: Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez MejíasThe students loved it!

Although it wasn't the last day, it was a nice way to say "nos vemos pronto".

2013-06-06 11.12.03


Communication, New Media + Journalism / Issue III


Julia Irwin (University of Minnesota) and Mackenzie Roberts (Elon University) with copies of más+menos 20

Greetings from Seville!

As we're about to close the Spring 2013 semester, the academic team of the CNMJ program feels quite proud of all of the students who’ve shared so many experiences with us over the last few months. We hope to enjoy many more opportunities in the future to keep on helping students from your institutions connect with Seville’s academic, cultural and social life.

All of our end-of-semester projects were completed on time, which never ceases to be a challenging task. The 20th edition of the magazine más+menos, 'Objetos Perdidos / Lost Objects', was printed just before the end of the semester and distribution is now in full swing. The students enjoyed their immersion within the community of vendors, buyers and visitors of Spain's oldest flea market, El Jueves, which each Thursday of the year spreads its contents over the old heart of the Feria neighborhood. You will be receiving a copy at your desk within the next few weeks.

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Help me revise my resume

The students of the Summer Internship Program and a group of local students met a t the EUSA Business School (University of Seville) for an amazing exchange session. CIEE students enrolled in the Internship Program helped local students build their English resumes and local students with an interest in looking for an internship in the U.S. help CIEE students revise the Spanish resumes.



Internship Forum

A total of 18 companies attended our CIEE Internship Forum on May 21st. At this time, all the students have been already placed in local companies. As a real process, students had interviews with several companies showing their best to get an internship in their favorite companies.