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16 posts from May 2013


My Study Abroad Experience

This post is by Talia Boyer, an English and Spanish major student at Fordham University. During the spring 2013 semester she is participating in the CIEE Teaching Development program.




Grupo de interés: Flamenco


April 12th-14th, Flamenco interest group travelled to Morocco to conclude the development of their project. Twenty students, the program coordinator and her assistant visited the downtowns and zocos of the main cities of the North of the country: Tetuan, Tanger, Asilah and Chef Chaouen.

 Activities included visiting a handmade professional school where Moroccan students who are not interested in studying a degree learn to make handmade works with materials like iron, ceramics, wood and plaster. This handmade profession is part of the Arab culture and tradition which still remains mainly in the South of Spain and North of Africa. Other activities  carried out by the group were the  walks through the principal neighborhoods and streets where tradition and art are combined in such a way participants could recognize Andalusian settings. Learning about their way of life, religion, celebrations and gastronomy. Visiting the Hercules Caves and riding on a camel.

As the start of the activities, the interest group attended a conference-concert about the Andalusí and Flamenco music in the Asmir Association of Tetuan. Both of them are not just product of folks, but they are also closely related as popular kinds of music, students learnt about the similarities and differences between the Arab and the flamenco music, at the same time they enjoyed of a great concert played by the speaker and his colleagues.

To know the culture and traditions of our country is essential to know its origins. Our travel to Morocco marks the end of our interest group consolidating all the knowledge acquired along the semester. It helped our participants to compare the Arabic and Christian worlds in such a way they have been able to check personally the so rich bequest left by one of the most important cultures staying in our country longest. Sevilla is product of all the different civilizations that have flown through it. We cannot forget Andalucía was the center of Europe and our city was its capital when the three caravels left to America in 1492. Our interest group has definitively taught our students to become immersed in the culture in a deeper and different way, as an authentic Sevillano!






Grupo de interés: Artesanía tradicional y moderna



La Semana Santa – La Copa Mundial de la Pascua

 This post is by Nicole Lobodzinski, a Spanish and Environmental Science major at Wellesley College. During the 2012/2013 academic year she is participating in the CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts program.

La Semana Santa de Sevilla es una experiencia totalmente extraña para aquellos que nunca la han visto. El fervor, la euforia y la emoción que rodea esta semana, que ocurre una vez cada año durante la Pascua, no se puede describir, porque realmente sólo puede ser experimentada. Sin embargo, para toda la gente que me ha preguntado de que trata esta fiesta, tengo una respuesta para describirla en la mejor manera posible – la Semana Santa se puede entender como la Copa Mundial para los Católicos.


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Grupo de Interés: Sevilla & las Américas



Grupo de Interés: Otras realidades de España.


Grupo de interés: Deporte y Naturaleza


Grupo de interés: Expresión Cultural

Videoclip realizado por el grupo de interés de Expresión Cultural.


Grupo de interés: Paisajes del Mediterráneo


Grupo de Interés: España y sus regiones