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7 posts from December 2012


Video: GI Artesanía Tradicional y Moderna

Del grupo de interés de Artesanía Tradicional y Moderna nos llega este vídeo que resume las actividades y excursiones que han realizado en el semestre de otoño de 2012, así como su viaje a Valencia.



Video: Sevilla y las Américas

Del grupo de interés en "Sevilla y las Américas" nos llega un gran video-resumen de sus actividades, en el que podemos observar algunas preciosas imágenes de sus viajes.




La Odisea: Edición UPO

This post is by Nicole Lobodzinski, a Spanish and Environmental Science major at Wellesley College. During the 2012/2013 academic year she is participating in the CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts program.

Parte 1: Sevici

Salgo de mi casa llegando tarde ya a mis clases. Corro al Sevici, las bicicletas públicas de Sevilla. Si es un día normal, no hay ninguna bicicleta, o la única que queda no se puede sacar de la estación. Si es un día bueno, hay por lo menos una bicicleta, aunque seguramente no tiene un manillar, o tiene el asiento roto. Si pudiera sacar una bicicleta totalmente perfecta, sería un día maravilloso, pero eso no lo he experimentado todavía. Saqué la que hay, y voy tan rápido como puedo al metro.  DSC_0392

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A Look into the Seminar on Living and Learning

This post is by Anthony Hernandez, a Communication Studies major and Spanish minor at Portland State University. During the 2012-2013 academic year he is participating in the CIEE Language and Society program and the Communications, New Media and Journalism program. 

Currently I am taking a class with 5 other students and the director of my program, Luisa as our professor. The class is called living and learning in Sevilla, and it’s a cultural immersion class that gives us successful strategies to feel a part of the culture here and interact with Spaniards in positive ways. We look at tons of different things within the culture here and talk about breaking stereotypes and only speaking on things that you have experienced. The class really centers on cultural experience rather than judgment without action and experience. It’s a great class, and I am kind of bummed that not a lot of students are taking it. It is optional; so many students opt to not take it. I feel as though it should be a required course. If you are thinking about coming abroad with CIEE, I urge you to take the Seminar, every program offers their version.

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Video: Deporte y Naturaleza

Del Grupo de Interés de Deporte y Naturaleza nos llega este vídeo que han realizado a lo largo del semestre y en el que nos muestran muchas de las actividades que han llevado a cabo, como excursiones a Sierra Morena, paseos en kayak por el río Guadalquivir o una visita a Madrid.



Video: Marruecos

El Grupo de Interés de las Cuatro Culturas de este semestre ha realizado un viaje a Marruecos como parte de las actividades de su grupo. Han realizado un video-resumen de su viaje para que compartamos las visitas que realizaron y las actividades que hicieron allí. Hay imágenes preciosas de ciudades como Tetuán o Assilah!



Sevilla vs Betis

This post is by Seth Jonhson, a Finance and Business Management major and a Spanish minor student at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. During the fall 2012 semester he is participating in the CIEE Business and Society program.

Imagine yourself walking down a wide sidewalk just as the sun is setting, the air is brisk. There is a giant charcoal grey mall with the dark windows of clothing stores passing you on the right.  Empty bus stop shelters along a crowded boulevard pass you on the left. You are weaving in and out of clusters of people who wearing red and white jerseys with festive embroidered scarves fastened around their necks or wrists in anticipation to wave them in a fury of emotion. The conversations within the groups of three or four are animated by the excitement for what is about to come; bursts of laughter and confrontational hand gestures arise sporadically as you approach the end of the shopping center. Ahead of you there is a group of policemen and women – some mounted and others not – standing illuminated by the blue flashing lights of police vans that line the street. You hear a muffled roar and what seems to be the banging of a drum emanating from the street just around the corner to the right. You round the corner and suddenly it’s as if your senses are tossed into a blender. There is a slight hesitation in your stride as you try to make order of the chaos you’ve just marched yourself into. You are in the middle of a crowd that is squeezing itself into the street that leads around the mall to the stadium, Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán. Pizjuan

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