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1 posts from August 2010


Culture Shock

Call me crazy, but I have felt more culture shock coming back home from Spain then I did in may when I first arrived. Yes, it took some time adjusting to the crazy store hours and siestas in Spain, but that was nothing compared to this.

Yesterday I watched a show about the history of architecture in the south of spain. There was a twenty minute focus on just the main attractions of Sevilla. This is when I caught myself reminiscing about the times I spent by these monuments.

This is when I realized the definition of reverse culture shock. When I first arrived in spain, I knew that in nine short weeks I would be returning to Chicago, my summer, and my friends. Yes, everyone would change a little bit, but at the end of my trip, I would be returning to the exact same life I left behind. During my trip, I became surprisingly accustomed to the culture of Sevilla. I tried to take in as many sites and activities as I could because I had no idea when, if ever, I would be able to return.

I keep hoping, as I see more and more news about Spain on TV, that I will be able to return without any problems, see all my favorite things, and say hi to the family that was so helpful and caring during the nine weeks I was with them.

To any future students reading this: enjoy your time abroad and do everything you can, because you never know when you will be back with as few responsibilities as you will now. It will be the best time ever, so take advantage of it.