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Advanced Liberal Arts. Finishing our semester


We are in June, and we are fishing our semester. This Friday ALA students will be finishing their courses atUniversidad de Sevilla  and Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Next week they will enter into the period of exams, papers, nerves and fears. They know they have our support and help, and we are confident that exams will go for students at the "sevillanas" Universities. 

Two weeks ago we had our end of semester party. This semester we wanted to do something special, something more than a celebraty dinner. On May, 23rd we went to the Teatro Central to enjoy a Flamenco performance by Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía  interpreting Federico García Lorca's poem: Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez MejíasThe students loved it!

Although it wasn't the last day, it was a nice way to say "nos vemos pronto".

2013-06-06 11.12.03


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i have liked it all

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